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www.btsall.webs.com-(PS3)(BTS)ELITE CLAN CHECK OUT SITE!!!!!


Born To Serve (BTS)(PS3)
www.btsall.webs.com (our site please visit)
Dear fellow gamers,

Hey whats up... ok, so your reading this thread thinking what do we have to offer well, there is lots. We:

-Offer family and friend like alliances (not like those big clans that recruit jsut so that there is 500 members in the clan)
-Always members online so that with battle also comes help
-We are a tactical, structured and communicative clan on and off the field.
-We have a website with a forum to express your thoughts and ideas.
-We are out there to WIN, be professional but keep the mood light because after all it is just a virtual game
-We are competitive in the www.gamebattles.com site (clan wars site)

Now maybe your wondering what does it take to make the clan.  Well... :

-Must have a mic or soon getting one (if you dont we can talk about it)
-Must have over a 1.25 kd or over (or soon achieving a kd of 1.25 or over)(we have 2 rosters 1 for all clan members and 1 for 1.25 and up clan members.  We are currently only recruiting 1.25 and up applications)
-obviously a PS3 console
-Must be mature
-Cannot glitch in clan wars(I dont care what rep you earn outside the clan so glitch if you want but i dont suggest you do!)
-Must be 12 years old or over(back to the whole mature thing even though I know people around 12 to 15 can be immature
-Must be active in the forums (just 15 minutes of your week).
-For list complete list of requirements visit our website.

Ranking System

Over at Born To Serve we have all sorts of ranks (though some can be earned through other things)
They are as follows:

Posting in the forum-we have ranks from "Private" all the way up to "Commander".  This can be largely accredited to future promotions (or if you are not active in orums, then possibly demotions).

Gameplay-How well you perform on the field will also greatly affect your status as a Born To Serve member.  We take pride in performing at an elite level.

Sportsmanship-treating people well on and off the field.  This means in the forums all the way to on the field.  Good sportsmanship will get you far.

Leadership-all deeds that are done unasked.  This can vary alot.  This means posting scores on clan matches or helping out clan members with just about anything. 

Note that all of these promotions/demotions are under my discretion and no one else's (Clan Leader)

Now how to sign up.  Here it is:

-at my site www.btsall.webs.com there is an application form to fill out.  Once you fill it out and send it to me. I will evaluate the application.  If you are accepted then you must make a www.gamebattles.com account.  Then I will send you clan invite once you have established an account and then you accept the invite.  Then you can start playing in clan wars with us!

www.btsall.webs.com. Visit the site, fill out the application form, get it back to me and be prepared to join an elite, active, and structured clan!
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