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Need a clan to join...

Win loss ratio: 1.04
kill death ratio: 1.49
prestige 2 rank49
Arcon is name
friend code:251594263257
Under 18
great sniper
need clan please look at this and take interest
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    you can tryout for the dark omen warriors come through the site and we will set it up <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://thehardcoredevils.aimoo.com/">http://thehardcoredevils.aimoo.com/< /a><!-- m -->
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    Ok so I went to the site and became the site member but how do I

    join for the
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    you have to do a tryout
    come to the chat room its on the front page and if that doesnt work regitster on the site and come to the other chat room, the link is in blue on the top right of the page
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    Well if you dont go to DOW.  You can check us out at <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://forums.activision.com/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=8037">viewtopic.php?f=5 8&t=8037</a><!-- l -->
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    We are a new and upcoming clan xFFA (Full Frontal Assault). This is a newly form clan and looking to rank up fast within Black Ops 2. I am an administrator for the website and very active within the website along with online play. You can contact either myself (SAGLCH) or the other leader of the clan (ChompInTheSwamp_). We will get back to you. Just give us your basic info (i.e. Age, Headset, Game Modes you play, and Availability). We are also looking for others to help with the clan outside as well (Youtube, website). If you have any experience with that any input would be grateful.

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    Join east texas mafia. We play for fun and for contests. We don;t care about your KDR  b/c KDR is overrated.''

    If I wanted a high KDR, all I have to do is focus on me and not the team and focus on obtaining kills throughnby way of using the Assult Likk package,


    True clan palyers, play to help their team win and not ny focuing on msintsining s high KDR.


    Most people w/ a high KDR are not team players . They are selfsish snots who would rather lose a game and maintain a high KDR verses a bullet fo the team and help the clan to win.


    i outta know b/c I was that kinda player. All I did was focus on high KDR regardless if my team won or lost. You can see examples of thsi in Team Dethmcthi Kill Confirmed. Those players who focus on high KDR never stick out their necks to collect tags b/c doing so put them st rik of neing killed.


    I woild rather have palyer who would take abullet for the team as oppossed to som snotty kid who's nly goal i high KDR.


    To be a good team player means that you may have to risk death and the reduction of KDR so you coud make a play that would help your team scoe points.


    So if having a high KDR means that much to you, you hould stick with just playing Free For All. B/C team deathmatch and kill confirmed requires a player who'll make a acrifice for their clan so their clan can win.


    If you want to be a part of a winning clan. join Eaxt Texas Mafia.