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    i play on a 32" sony hd, i think its just what your used to really!
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    I play on Xbox 360, but I play it through my PC Moniter. Its about a 20-22ish ince flatscreen HD, the graphics are stunning =D

    Also, since I sit right at the computer, I see everything. My sensitivity is at 10, all I need is turtle beach......and a live card =(
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    I play on a 26" Sanyo 720P, and I can't get used to anything bigger.
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    42" JVC 1080P LCD
    Leather La-Z-Boy
    Turtle Beach 4x's

    Fridge by my chair for the cold ones,

    Everything a man needs to lock himself down for the weekend and do some serious owning.
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    I either play on my 42" or 37" LCD. I do well on either one, 1080p on 42" and 720p on 37". I can not play as well on my brothers 48" 1080i tv though. It seems to be more difficult for some reason.
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    sehrhart wrote:


    kmac1622 wrote:


    I would Have to say if your Going for an HD TV for gaming dont go above 42"

    I agree, I used to play on a 42" and that burned out I now have a 73" and its awsome however I do not play as well you can't stare at the center of the tv and see all 4 corners so IMO it slows you down. As soon as my workshop is finished im putting in a 42" + xbox + lazyboy + a lock on the door + a few tools in the corner = happy man cave.

    LOL, I love the lock on the door idea.  My man cave was taken away.
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    hqWeedEater wrote:


    I play on a 27 inch HD LCD and i sit about 5 feet away. Works good for me. I have had this TV sense HD first got big so the picture isnt the best. I actually got a letter saying my TV has a recall and to send it back and ill get a $500 gift card to bestbuy. I paid $900 for the bad boy years ago.

    Wow, I just got my 37" lcd for just over $500 after taxes at Sears Grand. You should be able to get a hell of a set for $500 or a little over.
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    37" LCD - philips with Ambilight - awesome at night with all the lights off
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    37 inch LCD from 2 foot away - the only way to go!!

    We sometimes play co-op in the conference room at work (on weekends, Im not that lucky)on a dual projectors giving about 6ft each (has great surround sound too)
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    DJi43 wrote:


      I did play on a 52 and have to agree, it's too big. (for me)

    thats what she said

    (couldn't resist)

    I play on a 22" fisher. Its about 20 years old but works fairly well.