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CoD:WW DS Guide

Updated on: 5/10/10


As a precaution, it's always recommended by the DS section to write down your friend code. A recent glitch has caused peoples friend codes to disappear so they can't give out friend codes. The only solution to this problem is to buy a whole new game card. Write it down!

-Call of Duty: World at War is Rated T for Teen due to the following content: Blood, Mild Language, and Violence.

-If you have epilepsy or have had seizures or other unusual reactions to flashing lights or patterns, consult a doctor before playing the game.

-If you like the Guide, rate it! If you want something changed, let me know!

In order to help you guys skip through the guide, I've added a quick find system. Just use Ctrl+F to find what you are looking for.

I. Through the Menus
II. How do I..?
III. Challenges and Awards
IV. Campaign Levels/Guide
V. Controls
VI. Multiplayer Information
VII. Clans
VIII. Links
IX. Credits

I. Through the Menus

In order to start off your game, go to the Main Menu and choose Single Player or Multiplayer.

Single Player

You have two options, you can start a new game or you can continue from where you start offed at.

Quick Play: If you want to jump quickly into action you can choose this mode. You have three difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Tip: I would recommend you do Hard at this stage, that way you can get Easy and Medium done all at once.

Challenge: There are thirty challenges you can do, most are limited to 3 minutes.


In Multiplayer mode you can Host a match or Join an existing match. In order to do this, all player must have a copy of Call of Duty: World at War in order to play. You must be close to each other in order to receive a good signal.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

In this section you'll learn everything you need to know about the online portion of the game. In order to connect online you must have the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector or a Router with WEP settings enabled.

Online Multiplayer

Friends Match: Here you can search for you friends to play a friend or competitive match. It will search for friends who are also searching. In order to play with your friends you must have them on your Friend Roster.

Tip: I would advise you to go to eP or CM for chatting while playing.

World Wide Match: When you click on this you are able to play with people either locally or around the world.

Tip: Remember when playing online, there are glitches, I don't advise you to play online as people will glitch. Please make friends with the community so you can have friendly matches. eP sets up matches every 2:00 PM EST every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Friend Roster: Here is where you can view your Friend Codes and add friends to your list.

Tip: I was warned that there has been a glitch where you couldn't see your friend code. Please write down your friend codes and store it in a safe place if you want to play friend matches.

Online Stats

Upload Stats: After owning a couple of noobs in a match, you can pride yourself by uploading your stats to the Callofduty.com website.

View Token: You can view your token to link your account to the Callofduty.com website. You can earn yourself the Joint Service Commendation Badge by doing so.

War Room

Here is your main room here. You can view your stats, collectibles, mess with options, see the credits and *gasp* Delete your Save Data.

Options: You may select this to tweak the look and ADS sensitivity, to invert your Y axis, to choose left/right handed controls or to change you sight mode.

Stats: Players can view their statistics for single and multiplayer. They can also view the awards earned.

Collectibles: Shows the unlocked collectibles pieces you've accumulated.

Credits: Shows the people involved in the making of the game.

Delete Save Data: Erase all saved data, including your stats.

II. How do I..?

Many people don't know how to add friends or how to view your token. I want to help by showing you.

How to view your Token

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection>Online Stats>View Token

Tip: You have to be connected online in order to do this.

How to upload your Stats

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection>Online Stats>Upload Stats

Tip: You have to connected online in order to do this.

How to add friends/view your Friend Code

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection>Multiplayer>Friend Roster

Tip: You'll see your Friend Code on the top screen: 3781-2999-4903 is mine for example.

III. Challenges and Awards


      1. Two Roads: Get 20 kills.
      2. On the Run: Get 2 melee kills, 3 grenade kills.
      3. Storming the City: Get 20 kills, 50% accuracy, 2 melee kills.
      4. Wrecking Crew: Get 20 kills, 5 grenade kills, 50% accuracy.
      5. The Fall: Get 15 kills, 5 grenade kills.
      6. War Torn Streets: Get 45 kills.
      7. Nuclear Secrets: Get 10 kills with PPSH-41, 5 kills with MP40, 50% accuracy.
      8. Milk Run: Get 15 plane kills in less than five minutes.
      9. Panzer Attack: Get 5 kills with Sten Mk 11, 5 kills with MP40.
      10. Supply Lines: Get 3 grenade kills, 2 melee kills.
      11. Off Target: Get 25 kills with Sten Mk 11, 50% accuracy with the Sten Mk 11.
      12. Sabotage: Get 15 kills with MP44, 50% accuracy with MP44, 2 grenade kills.
      13. Cornered: Get 10 kills, 5 head shots, 50% accuracy.
      14. Missed Delivery: Get 20 kills.
      15. Silence the Guns: Get 20 kills, 5 grenade kills, 70% accuracy .
      16. Into the Jungle: Get 3 grenade kills, 2 melee kills.
      17. Beach Landing: Get 10 kills, 5 head shots, 50% accuracy .
      18. On the Water: Get 25 plane kills in less than two minutes 45 seconds.
      19. Bloody Nose Ridge: Get 20 kills, 10 kills with Thompson, 10 kills with Type 100.
      20. Into the Darkness: Get 5 grenade kills, 15 kills with BAR, 50% accuracy with BAR.
      21. Castle Approach: Get 20 kills, 10 head shots.
      22. Storm the Walls: Get 15 kills with Type 100, 3 grenade kills.
      23. Dangerous Waters: Get 25 plane kills.
      24. Two Roads: Get 10 kills, 75% accuracy.
      25. On the Run: Get 15 kills, 5 grenade kills.
      26. Storming the City: Get 20 kills, 15 headshots, no grenades.
      27. Wrecking Crew: Get 15 kills, 5melee kills.
      28. The Fall: Get 30 kills, 50% accuracy.
      29. Nuclear Secrets: Get 15 kills, 5 grenade kills.
      30. Supply Lines: Get 20 headshots.


      American Victory: Successfully complete the US campaign.
      British Victory: Successfully complete the British campaign.
      Challenger: Successfully complete all challenges.
      Codebreaker: Unlock the cheat code by deciphering the secret Morse code message.
      Combat Ready: Successfully complete 10 quick play levels.
      Demolitions Badge: Successfully complete the Landmine mini-game.
      Distant Hunter: Get 50 kills with a sniper rifle.
      Firestarter: Get 25 kills with the flamethrower.
      Fixed Defender: Get 500 kills on fixed emplacements.
      Frag Friend: Get 50 kills from grenades.
      Headhunter: Get 100 headshots.
      I Love Quotes: Die 50 times.
      Instant Action Addict: Successfully complete 40 quick play levels.
      Kneecapper: Get 100 kills from crouch.
      Mad Bomber: Destroy 20 targets from the bomber.
      Medic Badge: Successfully complete the Medic mini-game.
      Perfect Coder: Make no mistakes in the Morse code mini-game.
      No Fly Zone: Shoot down 250 planes.
      One Man Army: Get 1,500 kills.
      Pugilist: Get 50 kills from melee.
      Quick Draw: Get 250 kills with a pistol.
      Quick Reflexes: Get 25 kills by returning thrown grenades.
      Radio Operator Badge: Successfully complete the Morse code mini-game.
      Return to Sender: Kill an enemy by returning a thrown grenade.
      Russian Victory: Successfully complete the Russian campaign.
      Slow Learner: Die 10 times.
      Tank Hunter: Destroy 25 tanks.
      Too Much Free Time: Get all awards.
      Up and Over: Mantle 100 times.

IV. Campaign Levels/Guide

Taken from Draglide12, thanks for this man.

1. Boot Camp- teaches the basic controls of the game, American.
Hints: none

2. Into the Jungle- your first battle, contains mortar use and land mine mini-game Morse code mini-game flamethrower use, American.
Hints: The flamethrower is ona crate in the village, don't worry about ammo, there's plenty.

3. Silence the Guns- move through the jungle destroying enemy artillery, contains artillery use and land mine mini-game, American.
hints: Destroy the left gun first, throw grenades into the artillery bunkers.

4. On the Water- first turret sequence/level, man the machine gun and shoot down Japanese Zero planes as you motor towards an island, American.
Hints: In the first break in action look left to see your support ship get hit by artillery. Radar shows where the planes are.

5. Beach Landing- land on an island and assault inland, eventually clearing out a japanese airstrip, contains sniper rifle use and air strike use, American.
Hints: If you want the headshots kill the men in the first bunker before calling the airstrike.

6. Bloody Nose Ridge- lots of obstacles, expect enemies to come from anywhere, contains mortar use, American.
Hints: look everywhere for enemies.

7. Into the Darkness- move through a cave network killing enemies and destroying artillery, contains secret Morse code message hidden within, American.
Watch out for grenades.

8. Milk Run- Fly your bomber and bomb German targets while shooting down attacking fighters, contains airplane use, British.
Hints: Destroy the targets by turning hard right first and take them out backwards.

9. Off Target- Being shot down, you must fight your way to the allied incursion, then help them mop up a town square, contains Panzerschreck use and turret sequence, British.
To plant the charge move back out of the courtyard. Don't assume a room is clear.

10. Supply Lines- cut off the German supply line and destroy their anti-aircraft gun, contains sniper sequence and AA gun use, Easter Egg after blowing the bridge, shoot the germans on the other side and throw a grenade at the truck to blow it to bits, British.
Hints: jump off the tower and walk to the bridge to snipe, its faster to plant the charges before the truck gets there.

11. Panzer Attack- move through a city blowing up German tanks and killing their infantry support, British.
Hints: Just because an area looks clear doesn't mean it is. After blowing up a tank, search everywhere for hostiles so you can truly clear up the area. The third area in particular has enemies hiding all over the place.

12. Storming the City- Shoot down some buildings and blast some tanks at the beginning, then move through the trenches busting up some more German armor and killing infantry, contains 30 caliber emplacement use, Russian.
Hints: When moving up to the scouting party get melee kills on the unsuspecting Germans to help with the Pugilist award.

13. Two Roads- German Snipers and gun emplacements are holding off the main army, kill the emplacement and snipers to allow the armor to move through, contains sniper sequence and medic mini-game, Russian.
Hints: While in the sniper scene, take cover, as one shot on any mode will kill you. At the end, use the sniper to pick off enemies from a distance.

14. Promotion- You're the tank's gunner, blast away all resistance, contains tanks, Russian.
Hints: Tanks will hide, always have your eyes open.

15. On the Run- the Germans are falling back, shoot them as they retreat, contains telling a tank what building to shoot down, Russian.
Hints: Before running through the window toss a couple grenades into the room.

16. Missed Delivery- the RAF dropped the supply drop in the wrong spot, capture the supplies before the German's put them to use, contains extended sniper sequence(s) and medic minigame, British.
Hints: Keep the sniper rifle, it could be useful later on, on the bridge if you don't heal the soldier you can fight infinite enemies, this is helpful for rewards such as Headhunter and Frag Fiend.

17. Big Metal- You're gunner again, use the tank's machine gun and cannon to blow up everything from infantry to trucks to other tanks, contains tanks, British.
Hints: Shoot the trucks before you're told to for a head start.

18. Sabotage- The Germans are trying to flood the river valley to hold back the Allies, neutralize the charges and shoot down the Stukas before they bomb the bridge, contains bomb de-arming mini game, AA gun use, British.
Hints:before entering the rooms throw some grenades in.

19. Cornered- the Germans have set up mortar positions and are using them to harass the British troops, defend the trenches then move up and destroy the mortars, contains sniper sequence and medic mini-game, British.
Hints: Grenades are helpful against mortar positions. While sniping, frequently check on your surroundings.

20. Wrecking Crew- the Russians have made it to Berlin and need to destroy the factories before attacking the city, travel to the three locations and plant the charges, Russian.
Hints: Don't rush yourself, there's plenty of time.

21. Nuclear Secrets- Stalin has ordered the capture of the German nuclear secrets, blast your way through the research building to retrieve them, contains Panzerchreck use, Russian.
Hints: Save the panzerchreck to use against infantry, there's an ammo crate before you jump off the ledge.

22. War Torn Streets- Man the half-track turrets as you drive through the city killing German soldiers, watch out for Panzerchrecks, contains extended turret sequence, Russian.
Hints: Frequently check your radar and behind you.

23. The Fall- Take the Reichstag from the Germans to win Berlin and force the Germans to surrender, Russian.
Hints: During the turret sequence, check the second floor frequently.

24. Dangerous Waters- use the battleships AA guns to shoot down Japanese Zero planes, American.
Hints: Shoot in front of the planes, not at them

25. Castle Approach- The assault on Okinawa begins, land on the island and make your way to the castle blasting Japanese as you go, Contains turret sequence, American.
Hints: Make good use of cover.

26. Storm the Walls- destroy the AA guns and clear the castle of resistance to capture Okinawa, last level, American.
Hints: when going up the stairs to the guns the Japanese will throw grenades at you, this is a great oppurtunity to work on Return to Sender and Quick Reflexes awards.

V. Controls

This part comes directly from the Handbook that game with the game.

Using the Stylus - Use the stylus on the Touch Screen to move the reticle to the desired position and to look around.

Changing Weapons - To switch weapons, touch and old the weapon icon on the Touch Screen and drag the stylus to the desired weapon. When you pick up a new weapon, it will replace the weapon you currently have equipped.

ADS Mode (Aiming Down the Sight) - To change between ADS Mode and shooting from the hip, touch the ADS ribttion. To exit ADS Mode, touch the ADS ribbion again or press ↑ on the +Control Pad twice.

Using Grenades - Touch the grenade icon on the left side of the screen to equip a grenade. Press and hold Fire (L Button or R Button) to cook a grenade and release the button to throw it.

Sprinting - Double-tap ↑ on the +Control Pad or the X Button and hold.

Stance Up/Down - While standing, double tap ↓ on the +Control Pad to Crouch. Repeat to stand back up. If you spring while crouched, you stance will be automatically brought up. Pressing the B button twice will also change your stance.

Reload - You can manually reload your weapon by touch the weapon icon once.

Mantle, Hand and Squad Icons
- An icon will appear on the Touch Screen when you need to mantle an object, throw back grenades or mount a weapon.

Left-Handed Controls - If you're left-handed, you can choose to toggle to left-hand controls via the Option menu discussed earlier. The icons will switch to the right side of the Touch screen when left-handed controls are selected.

VI. Multiplayer Information

There are 10 maps in all with modes: Free For All, Death Match, Hunter Prey, Capture the Flag. You can set time limits, score limits, and the respawn times.

Time Limit: 1-20
Score: 1-20
Respawn Time: 5-30 seconds


Field: Small in size, Field has three weapons that can be picked up, a Bazooka, and two sniper rifles. It has an outlaying path around a field full of hay bales. A house on one side and a barn on another, these both have an upper floor for the perfect sniper positions.

Hill 26: Small in size, Hill 26 is a map that you can be easily ambushed on. You must watch your back wherever you go, whether it be in the bunker or in the cave area, there are many spots where the enemy could pop out.

Island: Large in size, Island is a map is neat to look at, but deadly too. It features a long building, full of surprises, and a tall building for sniper support, you may have a good time playing this map.

Palace: Large in size, Palace is a map you need to watch your back with. Easy to be ambushed, Palace has a large hole in it's courtyard with tunnels leading to stairs on four outer sides. The enemy could be on your back before you realized it.

Subway: Medium in size, Subway has many hiding spots for those who like to camp. Remember what Captain Price said...

Trenches: Large in size, Trenches is a simple map. Two bunkers, one on each side of the field, and a large trench system. You can obtain a sniper in each bunker, making it perfect for those who can shoot through a scope.

Jungle: Medium in size, Jungle features an annoying glitch, which is used almost 100% of the time. It has paths leading to every place in Jungle, from the Tank, to the Village, to the Bunker and back again, camping (not encouraged) might be your only trick. Guard the glitch spot with your life, to get easy kills.

Rhine Forest: Medium in size, Rhine Forest has a road that splits the map. Ruined buildings on one side, and a large cabin on the other, it makes a good spot for sniping. Be aware though, you can be killed with a grenade on the top floor. Rhine Forest features a glitch/easter egg. Near the cabin, crouching and walking towards the map boundary will cause the player to go into the hill. Anyone who does this is 100% untouchable unless they stand up, exposing their head. There's a snowman inside that area, meaning it was possible that this "glitch" was intentional.

Seelow: Large in size, a easily confusable map, Seelow is in a section of town that has recently seen battle, so there is all sorts of debris everywhere. Be careful though, near the trenches and MG nests, there lies a Sniper Rifle, waiting to pick off those who are prepared.

Shuri Approach: Large in size, Shuri Approach is a map where you could be attacked anywhere. It has a series of metal stairs with holes showing your position away. A sniper rifle and a bazooka can be obtained on the map.

Factory: Medium in size, Factory has all sorts of interesting spots. From a control room to the main floor, you can't watch them all.

Teams w/ Weapons


-Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR): Automatic
-M1 Garand: Semi-Automatic
-Springfield M1903 Sniper rifle: Bolt-Action
-Thompson Sub-Machine Gun: Automatic

-Lee-Enfield Sniper Rifle: Bolt-Action
-Sten Mk II: Automatic
-Lanchester Sub-Machine gun: Automatic

-Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle: Bolt-Action
-PPSH-41: Automatic (doesn't fire fast like in the console versions)
-SVT-40: Semi-Automatic


-Walther G41: Semi-Automatic
-MP40: Automatic
-MP44: Automatic
-Kar98 Sniper Rifle: Bolt-Action

-Type 100: Automatic
-Type 97 Sniper Rifle: Bolt-Action
-Type 99: Bolt-Action

VII. Clans

There are a couple of clans for the DS version of WaW.


VIII. Links






IX. Credits

I'd like to thank, Major-Dave, [eP]Fear, Draglide12, TwistedFlame, Sniper 99 and the DS board. I got the idea from Fear though, he said someone should create a guide and I did. If you contribute to the guide, I'll add your name down.

This is all I have now, if you want me to add something (Major) please let me know. Thanks!

I bullcrapped some of this stuff (the maps descriptions) so laugh all you want
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