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Ok, so today on Castle i was playing tdm when i saw something weird. I walked into the dojo and saw a red name and started shooting. I got the hit detection but no one was actually standing there. So i get knifed somehow with nobody there; When the killcam popped up i expected to have been knifed from behind but it showed this guy standing infront of me, it showed him getting shot but then he knifed me. So i decided i was just lagging or something so it was no big deal. When i spawned again i saw the same name pop up this time i could see him but his entire lower body from the waist down was gone. I killed him but i said to my teammates "come check out this body." ( It showed  just his upperbody with the bottom invisible; where the legs would of connected to the other half of his body there was a perfect line.) I know i didnt chop him in half because i was only using a Garand. So the rest of the game the guy only had an upper body. It was kinda creepy because i could see him floating around the map like a ghost. Has this happened to anyone? Was this player hacking? Someone please clear this up.