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+++Eve of War's Third Tournament+++FINISHED

Hello guys and gals, I welcome you to my third tournament, this tournament will test your skills in all types of weapons: snipers, autos, and rifles. I've noticed the dying forums and thought, "hey, why won't we make a tournament and revive this place?"

Well, here are the rules, I expect you to follow them or there will be consequences.


Best 2 out of 3 matches
NO Hacking or Glitching of any kind
No use of the Springfield sniper rifle
First to reach 10 kills
7 minutes will be the time
5 seconds as respawn
Free for All > Deathmatch
No disconnecting, this will result as a loss for that match, only way it doesn't count as a loss is if the person who disconnected was winning, or if you mentioned a possible disconnection before the matches.

Those are the rules!
I expect fair play and no flaming.

Sign Up Here:(I'll edit your name onto this, just post that you want to sign up.)
1. Eve of War
2. [eP]Skitzo
3. Kaargh
4. Major Dave
5. Mr.M
6. Scarmort
7. CM.KingMad
8. ViciousTank
9. Birdman
10. Tsukune Aono
11. Loupoompa
12. Cm.Criz
13. Cm.Sasha
14. Twisted
15. Cm.Flash
16. Overdrive

Winner of the tournament recieves my official badge of honor! :p

I will give the date and time period for each round, and I will randomly select who plays who. If you fail to complete the matches in the given time period, you will be knocked out, depending on which player put more effort into getting their matches done.

Second Edit:
First match will be rifles, second match will be autos, and third match will be snipers as a tiebreaker.
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