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Why do you love/hate verruckt?

I have always loved verruckt.
Have you ever thought, verruckt is INTENSE, its all indoors in close quarter combat. a challenge
its a map that lets you truly get to know your weapons, on verruckt you have to use weapons on the wall making expensive descisions, its about 5 doors to the box. a challenge. i enjoy this fact because on other maps like shi no numa its ariska/ghewer then box & insanity. have you ever actually bought the m1 garand off the wall? they just put together a cool map, put a bunch of random guns(m1 garand in the same rooms as trench gun & box, which will you buy?)and let people get the box after 1000 ponts. 2500-4250 on verruckt.
its only you and your one allie until someone gets the power on. a challenge
verruckt also introduced all the perks, the ppsh to zombies the bouncing betties, the zombie emotes, the elctric barriers, & of course the challenge of two teams of two.
so please play der reise have fun then play verruckt, did your rounds survived match up to the rounds survived on der reise? didnt think so.....
bring verruckt back from the dead. play a verruckt match every here & there, you will feel the challenge.
and.. you might just learn something in the bloody room & kitchen I know I did.
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