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    WW1, what's with the world wars that's gotten everyone interested in? Well, if another CoD game comes out, let's hope Treyarch doesn't taint it with their fail.
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    Korea also played a role in Vietnam with a better kill/death ratio then the US marines, im not trying to make argument but i only saw this on wikipedia so not a reliable source but im absolutely positive South Korea was in the Vietnam war. but i think the Korean War would be great with he Koreans as main and like you play as North and south korean and the Phillipines and Canada and the Americans and the British but thats just an idea

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    I think it would be great if they went back to making earlier war games COD 3 and WAW are my favourite. I still play COD 3 online but unfortunately WAW is hacked beyond repair. It was good to have the older weapons that were less accurate it made it more fun to get kills. And COD 3 had motorbikes jeeps and 2 different types of tanks you could drive. I love getting in a jeep or on a bike and racing my mates around the maps to see who could last the longest before being shot . I think a WW1 game would be epic and ground breaking as i can not recall any other WW1 games either for xbox or PS3. It would be good to use the weapons and old artillery and vehicles.

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