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The Jedi's Castle v2.3.9â„¢

I finally built it!
Everyone is welcome! (Except Stewy)

v 2.3.5 - Fun facts anyone?
v 2.3.6 - We now have a head chef
v 2.3.7 - State of the Castle Address 03/09/2011
v 2.3.8 - VIP List Updated
v 2.3.9 - New Jobs Available

House Owner and Landlord
-JediMaster Shark

House VIPs
*Mods, Generals, and GRaS only
- MaTtks
- CHEFS *retired*
- Carbonfibah
- KillaMonkey

- MajorRodriguez
- Byzantine Bomb
- ivirtran
- daHawk
- IntoTheVoid
- SnakeDoctor(insert # here)
- Soylentbob
- Horrorman
- cprocjr
- ii darkshadow oO
- GoldonArRow
- Dale08
- GhostSquad
- dballa0880
- ficko88
- Kotakid91
- powderslinger

VIPs have exclusive access to the Private Lounge in the back as well as many other perks

House Officers
*2nd Lieutenant to Colonel
- -PictureFrame-
- N8-N
- SaMo94-
- reaper2792
- Mark_666SKFL
- CloudTM
- Abused_Mongoose
- Groby2345
- splittinwigs
- DanielWW2
- CraftyShot/Machine650
- MSGT Ben1413
- matuzz
- Rorek

House Officers get extra privileges
* teh offisah noob, fellow offisahs may pick on teh offisah noob

Things in the house currently

-4 New Black Xbox360s
-4 PS3s
-A death to the Wii poster
-8 60" HD LCD TVs
-Powder's Cookiez
-Teh Jedi's tactical North American Scotch Supply
-solid gold pool table
-two chicks for every girl
-A tree made of money that grows Peanutbutter bacon
-A pool
-A bar
-A firing range
-10 German Shepard Attack Dogs
-Russian Roulette Table
-Golf Clubs
-Golf Carts
-2 AC-130s
-12 UH-60s
-10 AH-64s
-Jedi's revolving flashing restaurant
-Teleporter to MajorRod's House and Cybertron
-A hole to Korea and Germany
-Two Tactical Nukes from North Korea
-Bomb Range
-Coffee Table
-Skynet off switch
-Taco Bar
-Roller Coaster
-Wunderwaffe DG-42

More to come...

House Guests/Staff/Ect.
CraftyShot/Machine650/Steffens  - Pilot
-PictureFrame- - Operations Officer
DanielWW2 - EOD and House Historian
ficko88 - Jedi Apprentice
distraction - Butler
SaMo94- - Chief Custodian
lakers129 - Janitor
JJW319 - Security Gaurd
Dale08 - Old Friend from high school that I some how wound up living next to...
F291 - Gardener
Abused_Mongoose - Communications
Rorek - Spy
silver5000 - Official Toilet Cleaner
gonna pwn you - Stand Up Philosopher
nlionf - house detective (Mossad)
Mercykiller77 - Supply Officer
juice101387 - Village Idiot
GoNavy - Head Chef
Outlaw - Janitor
Fry Cook - 1 Spot Open
Weapon Researcher - 4 Spots Open
Castle Historian - 1 Spot Open
Dragon Tamer - 1 Spot Open

Abandoned house next door - Gosu's house
Military Barracks Next Door - MajorRodriguez's House
Angry Neighbor - Thunder Bug
Scorched Remains of Teh N00b Hostel - Teh Noobs
Office of Foxy Intelligence (II F0XH0UNDS II's Office) - II F0XH0UNDS II

House Theme Song

House Pet(s) that Jedi will be very angry if you harm
German Shepard named Horror

House Fun Facts

MajorRodriguez wrote:


Fun Fact!
While the Call of Duty HQ Code of Conduct thread with-holds only 2400 views, The Jedi's Castle thread holds an astonishing 15200 views.

Kinda sad in a way

Daily State of the Castle Address
For the record
    1. I am nearly finished with the drafting of the Off Topic Space Command Creation Act. Those who support the OTSC will be rewarded.

    2. I'm calling in my contacts from several galaxies and dimensions about getting ships for the OT. So far the New Republic (Star Wars Rebel Alliance) has given me a contact within the Kuat Drive Yards from which I can purchase an array of discounted ships and The Covenant Separatists (Halo Elites) have a few ships that they are willing to give in exchange for guns, ammunition, and resources.

    3. I preformed blood tests on a few people and I found that the following people are eligible for training in the Jedi arts. Rorek, Daniel, Kam, Pic, and Reaper. See me if you're interested in becoming a Jedi.

    4. There will be a financial reward for the person who gets the 10,000th post in the castle. Don't get excited, it won't be allot of money by any stretch. If you multi-post (i.e. double/triple post) within 5 pages of the 10,000th post, no one will get the reward. I will post a full list of rules when it gets closer to the time.

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