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Quick scopers: Stop complaining

**This topic is months old, one of the first quickscoping topics! NOT A REPEAT!**

They accuse you as nooby if you hard scope... Which is one of the most ridiclulus things I've ever heard in my life." -Hutch, 270,000 Subscribers.

Can't read? Watch hutches video explaining this topic. Search "Aim Assist on Consoles :: How Does It Affect Your Shot?" On YouTube. Skip to 3:40.

This goes out to all those quickscopers who do it 24/7 and think they are better then everyone else. Thumbs up to those legit quickscopers from the older CoD games.

Lets go over why "Snipers" like to "Quick scope". They put themselves at a disadvantage, in order to look better getting a kill. It is more fun then getting a normal kill.

For example, akimbo shotguns: Easy kills, not awesome. No scope at medium range: Hard kill, pretty awesome.

I respect quick scopers for doing this, but I DO NOT respect them when they complain about getting hitmarkers. Your putting yourself at a DISADVANTAGE, so why the hell are you complaining? Thats like me only using throwing knifes and then crying to IW to make them more powerful, or something.

They say "A Barret would blow your arm off" Well, go in real life and try "Quick scoping" With an intervention. Enough said.

All I see in S&D now is "Quick scopers" Trying to get good shots. It is clogging up so many games now.

So you damn complainers, if you think getting hitmarkers is "Gay", or "BS", THEN STOP PUTTING YOURSELF AT A DISADVANTAGE AND SNIPE NORMALLY.

I HAD to get that out there, I see so many people complaining.


I see people in YouTube videos all the time trying to get people to sign up for a petition to get snipers one shot kills. They are idiots jumping around randomly shooting, and about every 50 random intervention bullets later they get either a kill or a hitmarker. They cry and beg to IW and try to get support for something like this. Why not beg to get rid of commando? OMA tubing? How about painkiller or last stand?


Here are some links to examples of these complainers. I suggest watching them, they show how stupid these people look when they get all mad that no scoping is not efficient.

"oh my god!!! infinity watf!!!! all i want to do is look cool by doing something thats not as easy as shooting a fully auto gun and its not easy!!! make it easy1111!!"

Nobody, nobody can say that these people have skill. ******* hilarious when they knife the air in anger. Your montage won't look good if you show one lucky shot, switch clips, another lucky shot... Anyone can be a try hard sniper, anyone. Getting better at quickscoping is just like getting better at shooting a fully- auto. It doesn't take "Skill". I've met a crap load of 12 year old that can do it, and if any 12 year old can quickscope, how good do you really look doing it yourself?



Just make sure to remember, guys-

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