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    If there is going to be a beta it ould be then i would think as it would allow them to get it in before halo reach which is also going to be amazing i think.
    now i know some cod fans that do not like halo but there are a lot out there and i think they would want to get the beta in before halo reach
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    Cable 99 wrote:


    Austin 19 wrote:


    My guess is either a public beta, or what they did with MW2, which is a press conference of the MP menus and the game.

    I personally really hope they don't do a public beta if they are going for feedback.  If its all for hype, then go for it, but if they want good feedback they should give the beta to the group of people who care the most, are the most knowledgeable, and arent afraid to say how it is (us, the community)

    A good thought. And I know just the Boys to test it.


    From what i've seen, there has been internal testing, probably testing by contractors, and a limited closed beta. I say this because i recently stumbled across a e-store that was offering beta keys for BO, with a test timeframe of july through early august.
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    IF there is going to be a beta, chances are it is going to be like the beta they did for World at War. I'm not exactly sure who all got a code for it, though. I did, so I'm assuming they aren't going to be too selective about who gets in and who doesn't.
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    i think they learned from MW2 and hopefully they are going to do a beta
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    yeah had to change my pants too but whats up do we get to try the multi player?
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    epic fail
  • 26. Re: Beta Date?
    Cool. Now the only question is: HOW DO WE ACSESS THE BETA!?
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    theUSpopulation wrote:


    Cool. Now the only question is: HOW DO WE ACSESS THE BETA!?

    Is there a beta or not then
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    No one knows if there's a beta, People are just speculating for the 1st of September.
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    UrSeLf How SaDD
    go back ot the main paage or click http://www.callofduty.com/game... game release date is 11.09.10.

    So september 1st is the beta release. Your forgetting treyarch made WaW and they had a beta similar to this unlike Mw2 from infinity ward
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