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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Idea list (Actual Person!)

Dark Stelular
Okay so recently people informed me that my ideas were copied and pasted onto this site. Then I found him his name was KEARNSY and posted in this topic section. I do not at all like it when someone steals my ideas. He stole them from my post in the Call of Duty: Black Ops - Zombies area on TheTechGame.Com Yes I know it is a modding site but not everyone on that site are modders. So all these are being posted by the actual person who thought of them. I also have proof. I am UnknownModder from TheTechGame.Com (Just a screen name). And you can see that he posted it way more recently then mine was. My original post was posted on Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:59 am. After I posted it I have been editing it ever since adding new ideas constantly.

Want proof? My actual post. -> http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=268058.html
There is proof he stole it.

More proof. Stealers post -> http://callofduty.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=262209&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

Now the exact Copy and Paste from my post.

My ideas:

1.) Random attachment box - Well title says it gives a random attachment that only can be equipped to the gun you had out when you bought the random attachment. Like random weapon box there is sh*t and there is good stuff, grenade launchers are good like ray gun rarity, silencer is sh*t since they decrease ranges of guns its like the molotov

2.) Smarter more interactive zombies - zombies can climb walls hide while in a firefight and make zombies way more scary so its like you are playing a horror game.

3.) Multiple maps - Put more than 1 map in for zombies instead of one so we don't get bored fast from replaying same level over and over again.

4.) Changing environment - You can change the environment of the map by doing various things like moving around things you find on map blasting holes in walls with explosives to make a quick well needed get away.

5.) Customization options and possible map creator - I loved making my own maps on Halo 3 and other games but Halo 3 is long gone. I just want to see being able to modify the game options so you can make it so double the zombies spawn in a round (example- Round 1 - 5 zombies, double zombies on round 1 - 10 zombies spawn). Also being able to place buy able weapons on the wall where ever you want place scenery like boxes, etc. But playing on custom settings and maps do not count towards achievements or leader boards they are just for fun.

6.) Boss waves - On certain waves important people from the campaign spawn as a zombie and have more health than other zombies but regular zombies spawn also.

7.) Select what pistol you spawn with - In game lobby you set you spawning pistol/sidearm to what ever one you want.

8.) Bots - When you are alone and no one will play zombies, you have bots to play with you! Very Happy

9.) Spawning separate - Everyone in your game spawns in a different area of the map to increase difficulty so you don't rely on your teammates to save you, you have to use strategy and skill

10.) Random Spawning - For a map there are no more preset areas to where zombies spawn like the windows in WaW they break through random walls, climb over fences, and pop out of the ground like the little maggots they are! This will make it harder to camp with the random wall breaking in but camping isn't really fun i'd say it kinda makes me think others fail if they do that.

11.) New weapons - Cool weapons that can't be found in campaign and multiplayer, so basically the same as Wunderwaffe (you can get raygun in campaign)

12.) "Upgraded Zombies" - These zombies will have armor but move moderately slow like Juggernauts in Modern Warfare 2. These are similar to the "Boss Zombie" idea but they are not as tough.

13.) Different Zombie awareness - This will make it so zombies actually have to look for you, not how they automatically know where you are, but it will not go slow as soon as they come in a certain range of you they will come after you and that will create a chain reaction when shooting the zombies because all the other zombies all over the map will hear the gun shots and figure out where you are and go there, this is where a silencer actually comes in handy.

14.) Boss Level "The Tank" - This is where a zombie learns a way to use vehicles so on a random wave you will here tires going through the dirt and a big explosion, there will be a tank coming towards you, but it will be firing at the building and if it shoots in certain spots it will open new areas where you can't buy your way into. There will be a Rocket Launcher mounted on the wall with 2 rockets to destroy it. (Thats all you need) But if the tank shoots in a bad spot the zombies will be able to get in easier so you do not have very long to prepare for the wave of oncoming hell

15.) Intermissions - After every 10 waves you will receive an intermission wave and where it displays what round you are on it will display an "X" and you have to click Down on the D-Pad to end the intermission round. (If you have multiple people in your lobby everybody has to click down on the D-Pad) and the it will show who is ready or not.

16.) The armory - Once you have reached Wave 30 a wall will shatter and there will be a door with blood spelled letters saying "Armory" it will cost 20000 points to open the armory, inside it will contain weapons that can not be bought off the wall, and a few new weapons like The Machete, bayonet attachment for no more close range knifing if you run out of ammo, The Maniacal B*stard (This weapon is like a dart gun that instantly kills a zombie, but only has 1 shot per clip and only 25 max ammo for it).

17.) Gaining experience for multiplayer - This is for people who hate the guns they have and want to level up without using those sh*t guns. There will be challenges to unlock and every zombie kill counts as 10 experience towards Xbox Live multiplayer for Black Ops.

18.) Random Perk machine - This machine will cost 2500 points to buy and will give you a random perk from the game. You can buy all the perks if you have enough money, but if you get downed you will have a great depression.

19.) Kill Streaks - After you get a certain amount of kills you will be rewarded with a kill streak but will not come easy.
UAV for 1 minute - 150 kills
Low Powered airstrike - 250 kills brings in one carpet bomb.
Med Powered airstrike - 350 kills brings in a two carpet bomb airstrike
High Powered airstrike - 450 kills brings in a regular precision air strike
Chopper For 15 seconds - 600 kills brings in a chopper that will be killing any zombies that comes into its view.

20.) Old Weapons - Weapons from Call of Duty: WaW will be included in the random weapon box.

21.) Character Selection - Basically this allows you to select your character, and every character has a advantage that comes with him. Example-
Character Name: John Abraham
Advantage - Extended clips for his weapons.

22.) Life after death - Basically this is after you die, you have the choice to be a zombie and kill your teammates your little betrayer! Embarassed

23.) Melee weapons - This adds melee weapons to the game like a hammer,sword, etc. So you can smash in those dead zombies heads!

24.) Introduction - This is just a special introduction for how you end up in this hell hold out. What the introduction will be - You wicoverll be in the back of a jeep with your lobby teammates (If you have any) driving to a military base but once you pass this odd looking gate you start to see human silhouettes and hear roaring and crying (Guess what they are! Yep you got it they are the zombies) as you come up on a tree with a big branch above the road there will be a zombie there waiting to attack your jeep, he jumps onto the hood of the jeep and attacks the driver, the jeep steers off the road and crash into the map, when the jeep crashes you look around the jeep and find your pistols and head into the map and find that the driver and the zombie were killed on impact.

25.) Map idea: Mid evil Manor - This map is moderately big and has many rooms holding many secrets and many secrets to uncover. You spawn in the courtyard of the Manor and hold out there until someone gets 1250 points too open up the main doors. After you open up the main doors there are 5 other doors you can open 2 on main floor and 3 on the second floor. The 2 doors on the main floor contains weapons and a random weapon box and another door you can open to go to another room. The 2 bottom rooms are connected by a secret tunnel and inside the secret tunnel there is a elevator the goes up to one of the rooms on the 2nd floor you can use for 1000 points (Warning! Zombies can use this elevator so watch out!) The 3 rooms alternatively contain weapons, perk machines, and possibly attachments and random attachment machine.

26.) Random Dropped Items
Life Saver - Revives every teammate from being dead or downed. (MW2GhostModder gave me name for it and wanted credit for it)
(Still going to add to this >.>)

27.) Lights off! - For one round the lights turn off and you can only see 8 feet around you so you have to be on your toes and ready for anything.

28.) Materializing - You get to add camos to your guns in the lobby of the Zombies gametype. Example -
Type of Gun - Camo
Assault Rifle - Camo
Sub machine Gun - Camo
Shotgun - Camo
Light Machine Gun - Camo
Did not put in camos because don't know any.

29.) Unlockable Camos - In Zombie you can complete challenges for camos for whole weapon groups. Example - Assault Headshot 1 Completed - You can now set (camo) for all your assault rifles. This falls back on idea 29 where you can select camos for weapon groups.

30.) Talking Zombies - The zombies actually talk during the game play to add some needed horror to the game instead of just moaning the whole game until they die.

31.) Athletic zombies - These zombies would climb on ceilings and jump down on you, so watch your head!

32.) Redemption - If you get 15 kills while downed you stand back up

33.) Traps - This will include new traps that will not be in multiplayer, or campaign. Examples:
Fragmine - Buy able - A high explosive that is set of when zombies comes into 5 feet range of the mine
Electrical Barriers - activated - Same thing from WaW
Claymores - Buyable - Motion activated mine.
(Will also be adding to this!)

34.) AH SH*T I'M OUT OF AMMO! - This basically is when you have no ammo left what so ever you can pick up something on the ground and just start killing zombies with it. This only happens when you have no ammo for either guns and no grenades.

35.) Tunnels - This will add tunnels to the map that need to manually found! None say Hold (X) to open Tunnel door - 1000 points. You will have to hold down (X) on certain places to find them. After you find them all out they will become a very great addition to your strategy.

36.) Map Idea - Zombie Island - This map is based on a very small island that your cargo plane crashes on. Onto the description! The map is a little island with many trees so here close range weapons will be key. To open new areas you buy a machete of the wall and cut down vines. The weapons, perks, attachments, and various items are scattered all across the island from the crash. The zombies come at you from the water and some areas on the island they pop out of the dirt and sand. The map size will be almost equivalent to Der Riese.

37.) Wanna Trade?! - This lets you trade weapons. This comes in handy when a friend dies at a high waves and can't afford a weapon after he bought his perks or something.

38.) Radio Waves - This puts a radio in the map that has multiple songs that can be played all you have to do is knife it when your not popping the head off those d*mn zombies.

39.) Aliens are here to claim what is theirs! - If there is a ray gun in Black Ops zombies if this weapon is obtained all the zombies disappear a UFO appears in the sky and instead of zombies coming there are aliens coming after you. This effect only happens when someone has the ray gun, but as soon as the ray gun is dropped or whatever the next round the zombies are back

40.) Reinforcements! - This makes it so you can have more than 4 people in the Zombies mode.

41.) KAMIKAZES! - For one whole wave there are zombies that have bombs attached to them running at you. It only takes 1 zombie to destroy all the boards on windows at once so they will not help, they run really fast, and if they get to close it could cost you your life.

42.) Redemption - For 1000 points when your down you instantly be revived by pressing down on the D-pad. Has 3 round wait time. (You use it, you can't use it for another 3 rounds)

43.) Easter eggs - There will be more Easter Eggs and secrets on all the maps. (Easter Eggs for those who don't know, they are things put in the game for us to find).

44.) Shooting range - This map is just for messing around. The idea is just a long hallway the zombies at one end and you at the other end. They spawn running really fast down the hallway trying to get you. But this is not like any other zombie map. Next to where you enter the hallway will be a row of buttons you can press. That will say "Spawn 5 zombies" and it keeps rising by 5 until it says "Spawn 25 zombies". You will be able to continuously press the buttons but the max zombies that can be spawned is 150 zombies, once you hit the max it will give you message that you can't spawn any more zombies. Now onto the weapons, all the weapons that will be in zombies will be on the wall so you can test them to see which one is better for zombie annihilation. There are no points involved in this map as I said before, this map is for fun and messing around.

45.) What time is it? - You will be able to set the time of day. Dawn, dusk, morning, etc.

46.) Kinect able - You can use kinect in the zombie mode. Just to make it like your there laughing while slaughtering those undead freaks

47.) Its so cute! - You can buy a dog that follows you around for 3 minutes and attacks zombies. It can get killed. Costs 700 points and you have to wait 3 rounds to use it again.

48.) Pop goes the daisy - When you get a head shot the head pops off 2 feet and the air and your character makes a comment.

49.) Theater - You can make film clips and share them with friends and upload them to treyarch.com to show off your mad zombie skills.

Player submitted ideas:

1.) Closing doors - This allows you too close a door for double the money payed to open it. (Idea from MW2GhostModder)

2.) Get to the chopper! - This makes it so zombies has an ending. Once you reach level 45 there will a helicopter sent to retrieve you, but the round starts after you set up flares so the chopper can spot you, but the flares also attract unwanted attention it attracts double the zombies from wave 44. You have to hold out for 2 minutes before the chopper arrives and helps you out with the slaughter. Once all the zombies are dead you board the chopper and the game ends. This comes with an achievement and can be activated when wanted to be on or not. I do not take credit for this I simply edited it so it would be more detailed. Idea from yehididthat. I like this idea by the way. Laughing

Do you have any ideas that you want added here? The just send me a Private Message saying your idea. I will look it over and I will add it and make it say that it was your idea.

By the way my ideas were stolen and posted onto CallOfDuty.Com by someone under the username of KEARNSY on the CallOfDuty.Com website. I do not like it when people steal others ideas and get credit for something they didn't do! It is being lazy.