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leaving match early penalty

hey idk if there is a penalty for leaving early or not but there should be.  does anyone else know?
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    They've confirmed that they'll punish regular quitters.
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    no definetaly a bad idea this caused abouslte problems for halo reach players they dced then got a 15 min ban so this is not a good idea hopefully treyrach dosent do what bungie did
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    Quit punishment will be the worst idea they have ever thought of, if there really is one. It didn't work for Halo, it definitely won't work for a CoD game. Unless they take out all the BS.
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    Unless they put in dedicated servers than quitting penalty is a shitty idea. I don't wanna play on a ******* 1 bar spanish host I'm going to ******* quit I want a 3/4 bar connection why should I be punished because the host sucks? That's the only reason I quit, that and if it puts me in a **** map
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    I don't see how many times you're going to have to leave a match either way.  I mean, I'm sure they won't do it after a couple of matches but if there's a good string of rage quiting or disconnection, they'll most likely do something about it.

    If you're being disconnected constantly, check your internet before proceeding with playing.  That is still your fault.
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    They can't go to far on punishment. Us adults have kids, wives/husbands, pets whatever that could cause us to have to quit for a moment. No one should be punished for having a life outside of COD. Chronic rage quitters will/should be penalized but where and how do you draw the line. I think you should just lose stats for the game maybe some currency but outside of that(banning for a time limit) will be going to far.

    Also how many times do you get thrown in game for the last minute with your team getting waxed its not fair to penalize someone for quiting when the way the game is set up it throws you into a crap situation.
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    Da BladeMasterz
    I'm pretty much against further punishment for quitting games because i don't always got enough time to finish a match. If the phone suddenly rings i usually quit the game because me being AFK usually causes more pain for my team than just leaving. There are other things in life than video games(even though it doesn't seem like it is).
    Second, if I die alot and feel that I'm not having a good round, i usually just press quit. I doubt that will hurt the team, because there will probably be someone to replace me pretty quick.
    Of course, the hosting is a problem when leaving, though.
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      I think that is a terrible idea! For one sometimes 5 back out of a 3obby because all the damn cheaters who are using aimbots and lag switches get annoying, maybe they need to focus more on the hackers and cheaters who are ruining the game for everyone else, Plus I get invites to other lobbies during a match, hell yea im gonna back out to play with my clan or friends, why wouldnt I. but I agree there is A LOT of RAGE QUITTERS who just back out simply because they suck lol

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    I say replace quitters with recruit/regular combat training bots. These bots will earn deaths but not kills for the player who quit. This would also mean no more joining games that are already in progress

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    I disagree with this. Typically when people are losing fairly then they will stay and take the loss. The majority of people who rage quit or back out are doing so for a legitimate reason, such as extensive lag, they have to go for dinner/work/school etc., they get invited to play with friends, or whatever else.


    For me the only thing that will really make me quit a match is lag. When Im shooting guys and they just turn around with ease and OHK me with their ACR, and it happens more than once..then Im gone. Im not sticking around just to get smashed even though Im clearly better than the guys Im playing with. Should I be punished for leaving those lobbies? No way! The game developers should punish themselves for putting us in such unplayable environments.