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**** PETITION: Patch Sniping ****


EDIT: David Vonderhaar (Lead Designer for Treyarch) has posted a thread about their plan to tweak sniping:

Go to his twitter and thank him for communicating with us:


1. Scope-in Sway Feature/Sleight of Hand Pro:
This is simply a petition to change sniping to where it was in CoD4/5. I agree with the fact that Sleight of Hand Pro does not apply to sniper rifles. I do not agree with the change to the scope in/sway feature. Sniping is already the hardest skill to master in the CoD series and the change that was patched before release has severely gimped snipers. Call of Duty games require quick reflex/twitch reactions. Usually it is a matter of who sees who first. If you have automatic weapons that have the capability to burst fire across the map then its only fair to allow sniper rifles the ability to protect themselves in close quarters combat. I do not remember anyone complaining about snipers until Modern Warfare 2. Obviously the Sleight of Hand Pro feature is what gave snipers a bad rep. I never ran around quickscoping like a chicken with my head cut off, but if someone ran up and surprised me it was a last ditch effort to save my life. This is simply impossible in BlackOps. This was not the case in CoD4/5, sniping was completely balanced in those games. It would not be wise for Treyarch to ignore such a large community. Sniping is dying out in this game and it is dominated by Lightweight/Steady Aim/Marathon players who hip fire with SMGs or Assault Rifles.

2. Hit Detection/Bullet Registration:
In addition to the initial scope-in sway, it turns out Treyarch decided that your bullet will not go where your crosshairs are located until you hold your breath or wait a few seconds. Otherwise you might as well just be running around noscoping people. If I am going to be scoping in and having to deal with this stupid random sway then I want to be rewarded for placing my crosshairs quickly on the target and firing. As it stands you are forced to wait atleast 2 seconds after scoping in for your bullet to register as a hit on the enemy. This is a horrible design that continues to gimp sniping in a game already dominated by SMGs.

Long-Range bullet hit detection is seriously flawed at the moment. I have shot players not playing and it takes 3-4 shots on their chest before I get a kill or hitmarker. Treyarch you should take a look into this.

Check out this video. Hardscope headshot hitmarker from 5 feet away. This is incredibly flawed:

Also watch this. Someone sniping across the map. He misses 4 straight shots on an enemy not even moving. His crosshairs are clearly on the target, but the shots miss? Comon' Treyarch you know this is not fair at all.:

Another video showing horrible hit detection:

3. # of Sniper Rifles:
If at all possible add a few more sniper classes to choose from! There is only 1 bolt-action sniper class in this game (L96A1). Why are there 3 semi-auto sniper classes? The Dragunov and WA-2000 are simply horrible in my opinion and the PSG1 is hardly ever a 1 shot kill for me. In WaW Treyarch had a great variety of snipers (Mosin Nagant, Kar-98k, Arisaka, Springfield, and PTRS). 3 of the 4 bolt-action snipers started without a scope and forced you to work for your scope. This was a great idea and added variety/challenge for players. I am not sure why Treyarch decided not to pursue this same setup. Treyarch could look into having a DLC that includes weapons along with the regular map pack. I realize that you would have to make this DL free because if it cost Microsoft Points then the players who purchase it will have an advantage in terms of larger gun choice. Otherwise I love the balance of guns in this game. Make sniper rifles 1 shot kill if you do not take away the scope-in sway/bullet registration.

4. Sniper-friendly maps:
In addition the new DLC should include larger maps. So far the only maps you can consistently have success sniping on are Array and Jungle. Maps like Seelow/Cliffside/Downfall were awesome maps from WaW that my friends and I loved to snipe on. I wouldn't mind seeing these maps make a reappearance in BlackOps.

5. Realism:
This is a game and should not be 100% realistic. Games are meant to be fun. Is that not the reason Treyarch implemented the RC-Car 3 killstreak? Please explain how you can still control the RC-Car after you have been killed? This is simply not realistic. Or getting 9 kills and teleporting into a chopper gunner and shooting enemies with red boxes around them? These are not realistic, but fun. If you're going to argue with me about realism please explain to me the respawning system? Last time I checked in reality when you die you do not respawn 50 feet behind the guy who killed you and shoot him in the back. You made this game so your fans could have fun and by targeting snipers rifles and gimping them you have taken a large amount of fun out of the game. If Treyarchs goal was to make sniping more realistic (no quickscoping)  last time I checked an enemy could not walk away from shot to any part of the body by a sniper rifle. Even with a bullet proof vest on you're most likely dead if hit in the upper body

Hutch, Seananners, and Sark Chat :: No Quickscoping in Black Ops: This is a good video where well-known and respected CoD players discuss sniping in Black Ops. They have valid points and I suggest you watch this video to gain some insight.


Please avoid ranting because we have all seen countless threads about this, but I have yet to see an actual petition! Hopefully this thread will gain a lot of positive feedback and maybe it will gain Treyarch's attention.

PLEASE type /SIGN if you agree to this!

SIGN this as well 12,000+ signatures already: http://www.petitiononline.com/SaveCod7/petition.html
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