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PS3: 2ez clan Recruiting Highly Skilled Members

2ez clan was founded in march of 2010 and is still growing and going strong. we are more of a serious gamer kind of clan but have fun doing it. we are currently at 21 members on the count of it is difficult to find highly skilled players. i have tried out around 50 people and only few have been initiated. some people we found much potential in and they stuck around until they became much better players to make it in.
if you decide you want to join we will try you out in a 1v1 to acknowledge the kinds of skills your good at or if they need work. it does not matter if you win or lose in this 1v1. then we will take you into some public matches and take a look at your teamwork and communication amongst other unrelated attributes you may have. completion of recruitment may take a day or so, up to a couple of weeks. only because everyone has their good and bad days, also it may take awhile to accept you in since it is a clan decision, not just one persons.
we also shoot the shi!t on the forums but we do only have a few more positions open to fill all of our teams up so hurry before your spot gets filled.