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The worst zombie game played. Share you stories.

Today I was playing Der Reise (I have the hardened edition) and I played the worst match ever. This is what happened:

Round 1-3: I go to the door at the bottom of the stairs and shoot zombies, some dbag throws grenades down the stairs.

Round 4: Someone opened the door, on round 4!!!

Round 5-8: We are in the courtyard and I am shooting zombies and one of my "teamates" turns on the electric barrior while I am under it.

Rounds 9-12: Two of my teamates go down so I use a monkey bomb and revive them and then they get downed again so I use another monkey bomb, revive them, and then they go down again so I just didn't revive them.

Round 13-15: This is when my teamates decide that it is a good idea to go use the mystery box in the middle of the round and they all go down.

Round 16-17: Me and my upgraded Hk and my upgraded wunderwuffle are up on the catwalk while my other teamates are in the courtyard doing, what appears to be, them trying to shoot zombies. They all go down early in the round. I am the only one left so I stay on the catwalk, shoot zombies, teleport, run up the thompson stairs up to the double tap, jump off when over run, go back to the catwalk and repeat. I easily make it to round 18.

Round 18: I start to think "Hey, I'm the one doing all the work and my teamates suck anyways" so they all die, once again, early in the round and once again it is up to me. So I did what I did for round 17 and then I said "Screw it. I'm not gonna help them make it past this round. If they suck this bad they don't deserve to be this far. So I decide to jump off the catwalk and let the zombies kill me. I am not going t reward shitty teamates when I'm doing all the work.

If any of you have any stories of  your worst game ever, please share because I would like to hear them.
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    Well when I was playing and i got to round freaking 3 1 of my teamates dies. SO i go to revive him but while i am reviving him zombies brake in. OMG level 3. My other two teamates are somwhat baffled that zombies broke in so they let the zombies pass them and watch as the zombies kill me. Then staire on as the zombies come for them. They die and the rounds over. STupid. I would love help getting to higher levels i can usually get to round 13 if i'm not with noobs. MAybe you could show me your strategy to get to at least round 20 with ease. i play on PSN and my name is willporter.
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    Well I don't remember the specifics but I'll do as much as I can remember

    Der Riese

    Round 1 - One guy throws grenades at each hole, stealing most of the kills.
    Round 2 - I managed to knife every zombie, as my teammates were dancing in the middle of the room
    Round 3 - Killed more zombies
    Round 4+5 - Had to open all the doors to get to the mystery box as my teammates refused to pay.
    Round 6+7 - Buy bowie knife and knife my way to round 12
    Round 12 - Open mystery box for first time, get teddy bear
    Round 14 - Found mystery box, another teddy bear
    Round 16 - Another teddy bear
    Round 17 - I find the box for the fourth time, and get a ballistic knife
    Round 18 - Overwhelmed due to the fact that i had no weapons, go down and die, losing everything.
    Round 19 - No money, and left with only pistol
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    ha yea we all have to hate the guys who dont wanna be team players. I was playing last night in der reise and to say the least these guys where stupid. they wouldnt help link up the teleporters. wouldnt open doors. and litterally had 2 of them go down on ROUND 1. seriously???? all you have to do is knife them and they die. cmon people. so by about round 7 or 8 i gave up being the hero and just let them die off. eventually they left and said i was the noob for not reviving them....

    Feel free to add me on PSN: SR20_Silvia

    I always enjoy a few good games of zombies every day lol
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    Yeah haha sometimes I wonder if people even know what the teleporters are haha. I'll add you when I have time.
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    Flip ya i do all the work for the teleporter have enough money for pack a punch-only person with enough then when i have to link it eith the pad while i am going to the teleporter  they use it right away this happens again and i die along with all my friends. i was the only one down their now so a mass swarm of zombies goes bonkers on me. when i try to use the teleporter again it has to cool down. i get ticked off. i play on PS3 and my name is willporter.
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    all the times i try to find a match it goes like this....

    everyone except for me buys a shotgun and steals all my kills
    they buy the door to the ak as fast as they can
    wen they turn on the power they go str8 for the mystrybox instead of jugg
    when they die they scream "I HAVE THE THUNDERGUN REVIVE MEEEE" then i say "thats another reason not to revive you lol
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    Becon of Death wrote:


    Yeah haha sometimes I wonder if people even know what the teleporters are haha. I'll add you when I have time.

    haha i have had people ask what the point is to them lol. Yea add me when you can. Im usually get on between 7PM and 10PM CST and stay on most of the night
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    On Five I got stuck with this one *******.

    We all got to our separate barriers and I started killin the zombies at mine when another guy comes up behind me and starts knifing me in the back to try and get me to move when I got to the freakin barrier first. He did that for like 4 rounds before quitting. Then my other teammates all went to the elevator and I was following. I was like 2 feet away and there were no zombies around but they activated the elevator right before I got there. All the zombies spawned in the downstairs area so I had no zombies upstairs with me. The other two guys went down and it was only round six. One of them plugged his mic in and yelled at me to help him when he had left me to die while he went off with his guest. I went downstairs and tbagged infront of him until he died. Then I purposely dolphin dove down a stairs into a group of zombies.

    Oh yeah... add me if you want. My gamertag (xbox) is Ice Pinata
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    On Der Reise I had a game where the team decided to stay at the mainframe without Juggernog. And they were kids too so they kept yelling into the mic when they went down (which was very frequent).
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