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    vxm4rk wrote:


    Problem is some people don't know when to give up and try and go back for the revenge kill and fail - thats why they get annoyed!

    Advice to those who are annoyed with campers - adjust your play style, use perks Flakjacket, Hardened and Hacker, equip noob tube and blast their little hiding spot! Works a treat!

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    podballs wrote:


    Camping, running and gunning, hunting in packs - surely these are all different styles of play. We all want a 'realistic' game to play yes? Then you have to remember in a 'realistic' war zone we have snipers, we have front line runners and gunners. If everyone was a runner and gunner it would be crap and similarly if everyone was a camper it would also be poor.

    I would be happier seeing a 'Life' system where people who have died 5(?) times in a match don't respawn until the next round. A bit like the Wager game 'One in the Chamber'.

    It would make people try and stay alive a bit more that running around like headless chickens with an automatic weapon.


    Well that's why we have search and destroy for strategy and deathmatchs are for running around headless chicken style?!!!
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    all the GOD players that hate the campers say they comeback to the place where they know the camper is and owned the guy, let me laugh, hahaha. When i have a kill i move to a near place to watch the GREAT PUNISHER try to revenge. Its the old history, a good camper makes that GREAT PUNISHER a GREAT SACRIFICIAL LAMB, and then a thread named "anti-camping rule would be a big step forward" comes along.

    ps: sorry the english
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    if you are constantly getting killed by campers, then maybe you shouldn't be playing, and anyways their are hardly that many campers in this game, and on top of it, they go to the same spots every time, :o  such as bomb site B on summit   in Demolition.  Just learn the maps.
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    A Gamemode for "Anti-Camping" would be a good idea.And people who camp do not have to play it.

    Campers can be dealt with very easily and with many different approaches.That is not the problem.Some of us would like a gamemode without being annoyed by these types of players.Let's face it when you have whole teams camping it can be very annoying instead of just dealing with one or two of them.

    People who camp just shows that they lack skills.So they sit at a door waiting for someone to walk by while ADS.People who say to "check the corners before you go into a building" are just being ignorant.It's an impossible feat to pull off.They have the draw on you since they have been waiting already ADS.Sometimes you do not know which corner they are hugging.It's alot like saying "Look both ways before you cross the street simultaniously before you cross it".It just cannot be done.

    But that is what makes it so much more satisfying when you still get them anyway.I am aware of snipers that camp.That is what a sniper rifle is meant for.Your suppose to camp with a sniper rifle.Quickscoping does not fall into the sniper catagory so let's leave that out of this.And as bad as you may think it is for a run and Gunner to get killed by a camper it must feel twice as bad for the camper to get killed and hunted down.

    A playlist for this gamemode would not effect you campers so no need to get all upset and defend your "playstyle" to the death.And if the majority feel that camping is the way to go I bid you good luck to getting future games started and finished.Not everyone runs around like a "Headless Chicken".Most people know what they are doing when they are on the run.

    Anybody can camp and try to pick people off.The truth is campers lack skill.If everyone camped it would mean endless games and they would never result in a win.Campers need Run and Gunners.But Run and Gunners do not need campers.Two campers could not even battle it out to see who is better at camping.It's just people who want easy kills and try to take advantage of people who actually play the game instead of hugging a corner for the entire match.

    If someone is stupid enough to go back to the same camper and repeaditly get killed by them then they deserve it.I can understand if you are 1 or 2 kills away from getting your killstreak and camp for a second.But to do this for entire matches and have the nerve to call it a "playstyle". I do not understand.I'm not trying to tell everyone to "play like me" but instead just stating the obvious.So if you choose to play like this and think you "pwn" by all means go for it.It only makes yourself look bad.So complain about Run and Gunners all you want.You need us.We don't need you.
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    I could actually feel my IQ dropping as I read through this thread. Punishment for camping? You have just got to be kidding me. Some of you people actually make my head hurt. They put in the dolphin dive, for no other reason than to remove the drop shot. I mean really aside from trying to look like an action hero, what other reason could something that suspends your ability to shoot possibly have been put into a game? They completely ruined the snipers at first, (I hate getting quick scoped too, but it has always just been part of the game) again for no other reason than to cater to the whining turds. Now they've nerfed the gunship and chopper gunner. Will this ever stop?

    I've got an idea, and I know I'm really going out on a limb here. How about they quit listening to the little whining turds, and stop nerfing the **** out of everything in every call of duty release. There are no over powered perks, weapons, attachments, or equipment. Some play tactics are a bit over used, take quick scoping in MW2 as an example. That doesn't make them cheap or unfair, quick scopers in MW2 made up maybe 5% of my deaths. I bet trying to do it resulted in over 50% of their deaths. You little turds cost me my drop shot already, I'm sure the developers just figured it wasn't realistic. Because no soldier would go prone when taking fire.   How about you ******* stop crying, grow a pair, man up, and adapt to whatever it is your enemy is doing. Then take his damn head off.
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    Tura Satana
    An anti-POSTING rule would be a big step forward.

    I don't like dieing. Perhaps there should be none of that either.  This whole getting killed thing has gotta go.
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    If you sit too long, your character starts getting fat and you have to exercise "tredmill perk", and if you run around to much you starting getting very skinny and weak so you have to use the "happy meal perk" to gain weight. maybe put a mcdonalds in the middle of every map and a gym across the street 
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    What's this all about? For me it's nessecary to camp. It's the only way to get my kills! If I'm running around (as a headless chicken) it always seems I'm running the wrong way and get killed by a shot in the back, and believe me I try! Also my eye-hand coordination is not that good, probably age related . Why can't everybody play the game in his/her own way? Camping is in my opinion a sort of tactics and does'nt tactics belong in a war?I started playing FPS since MW2 and I like to play, altough I suck as well in MW2 as in BlackOps, but it looks so awesome and even better if I watch my son play! Reading all the comments I feel unwanted. The only thing that frustrates me is that I need two mags to shoot someone and my 'opponent' only needs one or two bullets to let me look at the clouds above me. Unwanted or not, I'll keep on playing (camping  )!
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    Jeru_Da_Damaja__ wrote:


    simple: stay at the same spot longer then 20 seconds and you'll get blown up. would be a great addition to this game.

    The suggestion is ridiculous and has actually been discussed thoroughly before on the main forum.

    The obvious and debate-closing counterargument is that a punishment for "camping" would not be feasible without inflicting tactical gameplay. meaning If you play CTF or other objective gametypes, sometimes you simply NEED to stay in place for longer than 20 seconds in order to defend an objective.

    Not to mention that the exact measurable defenition of "camping" is impossible to get right.

    these modded Quake-like mechanics have no place in modern, million-user catering shooters.

    close the thread.