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  • 45. Re: anti-camping rule would be a big step forward

    oX-TheCipher-Xo wrote:


    Lets be clear here, there are 2 types of campers:

    A) Someone crouching behind something holding a spot. I'm a run n gunner, but i think to a certain extent just about all of us have done this.... Especially if you can see the enemy on the map coming toward you. Its camping, but its a bit more acceptable. but not if you just stay there for ever.

    B) This is the kind of camping that irritates the sh!t out of me. Someone prone in the bushes, or crouched in some random corner just waiting like a loser for someone to pass by. They might even have a claymore set up too just to be extra annoying and prove just how talentless they really are.

    yea true. category B i call "the wanking sewer rat"
  • 46. Re: anti-camping rule would be a big step forward

    Jeru_Da_Damaja__ wrote:


    simple: stay at the same spot longer then 20 seconds and you'll get blown up. would be a great addition to this game.

    Child. Camping is a tactic, if you run around like a headless chicken, you're going to get a shot in the back. You can't expect everyone to run around.

    Go buy the game on PC or buy another game where you can customize your own server rules so that nobody is allowed to camp ever. Then maybe we wouldn't need a boat to sail out of your thread.

    It's funny actually, I quite enjoy more realistic games. Though third person. I loved Socom 1, 2 and 3. Very slow gameplay. Defending. 10 minutes for like 1 kill perhaps. Ohhh you'd hate that ****. GRAW2 was great as well.

    This is a very arcade style game but do yourself a favour and don't take the entire thing so seriously. If you die. Respawn and kill the bastard who got you.

  • 47. Re: anti-camping rule would be a big step forward
    I play this game the way I want, and that means I camp when needed, and I run n gun when its needed. Why should I play one particular style ?

    Having anti camping is absurd, and for peeps to think they ruin the game is dead wrong, in fact its the opposite to them. The run n gun players who just aimlessly take off on a non ambitious way of playing get killed more often. Now there are some really good players who run n gun, but they tend to be more cautious in approach, and thats cool with me.

    I hate playing with runners who go 5-15 and complain about campers. They are more prevelent in this game and most shooters. In fact campers are only about 20% of players. They tend to have success, because runners want to free lance around a map with no desire to worry about them. Tactical team gaming modes have been ruined by marathon unlimited, and now have no real meaning to team. The teams that are camping/defending flags and positions are the true players of team tactical modes. How boring is it to run full speed and run thru a flag and take it back to your base, if no one was camping.

    I think run n gun people need to remember that just because a guy was right around a corner when you came thru, does not mean they were camping. Besides taking up a position on a map is gaming 101, which the creator of this post obviously cant stand to do. He wants a headless non thinking game, where you can run free through the pastures and not have to use his brain to think thru where enemy can be, what may happen.
  • 48. Re: anti-camping rule would be a big step forward
    Camp or not camp = war or not war :

    Its' a war game...ask any real soldier you want if they run like hell in Afghan or in Vietnam!! Hey they'll say NO way Il be dead right away..

    Camp for 10 min if you want and mostly if you can !! I'm not a big camper but it happens sometimes. Still, camping reflect most of a real war and for me it make me feel more in simulation than running like hell with a knife and kill the guy in front of me who just empty his gun on me but he's finishing dead and not me...that's not war !

    So if most people was thinking like this we'd have better gaming. in a more realistic way. Prestige is not all !

    So come on work in team's make your game tactical have your team a sniper, a medic a mecanician  a gunner..ect..  OUPS   :o  should i change for Battlefield ?? hahaha
  • 49. Re: anti-camping rule would be a big step forward
    wah wah campers kill me wah wah.  Stop being a baby.  As everyone said.  Check corners and If they get you once least you know where they are
  • 50. Re: anti-camping rule would be a big step forward
    Get so tired of hearing "Camper".  Everytime you and some clan mates roll someone in a deathmatch....first thing you hear in lobby is "Campers"...."Bunch of Campers".   Just a whiny ass excuse for losing.  The game requires multiple styles.  Knowing when to run, when to move slowly, watch the UAV, and when to CAMP.  It's hilarious to me to slow roll through an area and kill a guy, before I can get 20 yards further he comes tearing in there and I kill him again.  If you're fool enough to run into the same spot over and over.....WHY wouldn't I keep killing you.  There is also a such thing as holding down a geographical  area....that can cover sometimes anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 the map.  Not a damn thing wrong with any style of play.  ADAPT and extract revenge.  That simple.  Quit crying and trying to dictate how others play the game.  Same people crying "camper" "camper" are the same ones that think quick scoping, noob tubes, and commando stabs are realistic.  Always looking for a shortcut to kill vs. actual strategy.
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    I read an idea somewhere once that suggested a player show up on the radar if they sit in the same spot for 30 seconds. They would then have to move a reasonable distance from that area before they would disappear from radar. Obviously, sniper classes would be exempt from this rule. Also, it would only apply in Team Deathmatch. All other modes, in some way or another, require a bit of camping, i.e. Demolition and Domination as two examples. The ghost perk would also not exempt players from the rule. I believe this would be a somewhat descent way of dealing with it that seems fair to all players. Granted, I have no trouble with campers personally. I find them to be easy kills as I run Hacker. My only concern with this whole idea is Groundwar. It switches between both TD and Dom. It may or may not be possible. I wouldn't know. At this point, I'd hate to give Treyarch any more code that could possibly break. They kind of have their hands full...
  • 52. Re: anti-camping rule would be a big step forward
    I can count on one hand how many times I have seen a player constantly move during a game - almost everybody stays still for a period in a game.  If everybody did constantly move then it would end up being a racing game not a shooter.

    So far I have seen complaints from varous people about:

    Run and gun hip sprayers
    Quick Scopers and snipers in general
    Noob tubers
    This perk and that perk - specifically second chance
    Claymore planters

    Well here is some news folks, the idea of a first person game of any description is that it allows you to use whatever tactic you like, go or not go where ever you like.  If you dont like that concept then dont play first person games, it is that simple.  But do not try and tell other people how they should play the game to suit you.
  • 53. Re: anti-camping rule would be a big step forward
    I am so tired hearing people complain about campers, my friend wants them to blow up after 5 seconds in one spot. You aren't camping if it is only 5 seconds. I consider a camper a person that sits in the same spot, dies, then returns to the same spot et cetera. The only time the move is when they go back to their corner. These people aren't even that hard to kill either...they aren't even moving! The smart player is defensive, end of story. Once you are good at running and gunning, the next step up is to be defensive. You will recieve highjer KDs and you will level up faster(if you are playing TDM or FFA.)

    Start checking corners when you enter rooms, and don't just mindlessly run around. -End of Discussion
  • 54. Re: anti-camping rule would be a big step forward

    Jeru_Da_Damaja__ wrote:


    spoken like a true camper. always finding excuses to justify a pathetic style of playing

    No, what's pathetic is you whinning and crying about how people play the game that THEY paid for, not you. You wanna tell people how to play? Go play MAG. Have you ever thought that if you stopped running to them that they'd have to start moving around so they can get some kills? No cause all you do is start crying about people camping while you're on your way back to the same spot, taking the exact same path that you just got owned on.

    I see this a lot on Domination, Capture The Flag, or anything that you have to capture and defend. People are always crying about someone "Camping" by their flag. Really? I mean never mind the fact that it says DEFEND on the flag   . It doesn't say, RUN AROUND WITHOUT A CARE ABOUT THEM CAPTURING YOUR OBJECTIVE. What burns me the most is when they don't want people defending the objective and then wonder why they lost.

    Me, I ambush not camp in Hardcore, and yes there's a difference. I set up traps to lure you to my location and just dominate you. Call in a radar? Expect to hear a couple of decoys. Runnin past my location, expect to be shot to lure you back. Nope not there any more, but I just blew your head off. It's all about strategy, not just runnin around like headless chickens. You think the military sends their troops into battle and say, "Ok men, today you're just gonna run around the battlefield and not worry about any cover. Expect the enemy to do the same. Oh and while you're trying to catch your breath after the six running steps, make sure to not throw any grenades or tactical items around corners to ensure the enemies there. Good luck out there." Heck no they don't. It might be a game, but I don't like having to wait 10-15 seconds for the respawn and I love getting my killstreaks.

    If you want people to play how you want you can either buy MAG and get leadership skills (and be lonely cause it's no where near as AWESOME as CoD) or you can make your own game and program it the way you want do deal with "camping". Otherwise you better get use to it cause it's gonna be in EVERY FPS you play.
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