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  • 61. Re: A challenge to all you Quitters using the LAG excuse
    I don't quit, but my games are always laggy because of lag switch, or complete lag and it shows the cord icon being unplugged.
    1 out of 3 games someone apparently unplugs there cord temporarily and it becomes lagged out for a couple seconds, or someone unplugs their cord and doesn't plug it back in and the game ends...
    About 5 matches ago, i was playing on a snow map, forgot the name, and within the first minute I had received a care package that gave me the chopper gunner, after 3 kills with the gunner, the unplugged cord icon popped up, and the game ended -.-
  • 62. Re: A challenge to all you Quitters using the LAG excuse
    I played MW2 for 27 days and never had the lag issues this game is throwing up on the same connection.  People who say "get a better connection" probably don't realise that their connection is actually pretty lousy and they are getting all the lag compensation whereas the people with the solid 4 bar connections and low latency get all the frustration as the game penalises them by putting them a second behind.  A lot of people will quit when they are on the winning team when the lag gets out of hand.

    I've got a decent connection and an excellent ping which serves me well in MW2, Halo Reach and others, but this game feels it should reward the crap connections.  Most split screeners dont have enough bandwidth to support one player properly and adding two into the mix is asking for trouble.  Double lag compensation all round I think.  My suggestion would be to turn it off, let the people with bad connections suffer for them, it works in any other game.

    There are way too many threads on way too many forums for Treyarch not to acknowledge there is an issue with their netcode.

    All the money they make, all the money this game will make and we couldn't even have a beta.
  • 63. Re: A challenge to all you Quitters using the LAG excuse
    I opt out of games when the lag/latency issues are too much (and I can handle a little lag just fine) but sometimes it's a big shitfest where you can only kill something through ambush and that's not the way the game's supposed to be played.
    So when I know I'm not doing anything for the team only feeding kills to the enemy or hiding somewhere I perceive it as a wise decision to give my slot to someone who can actually get hitmarkers to register.
    I actually never rage out to dashboard ,only leave the game through -start.
    I think dashing out should be penalized for sure.
    Ruïning someone elses game is just a **** move.
  • 64. Re: A challenge to all you Quitters using the LAG excuse
    Well it is quite clear the majority of posters who have responded in this thread, either can't read or are little on the challenged side :P

    So let me try this in idiot speak.

    1. Yes the game suffers from LAG
    2. Yes People quit because of LAG which is fair enough, no one is disputing this. (but we can all get LAG on either team be it the winning team or the loosing team)

    So that's the LAG problem cleared up.

    Now onto what the post is about.

    1. Lots of people say they quit because of the LAG (again fair enough) but of these quitters how many actually only Dashboard when there on the loosing team? and when a enemy Huey is inbound?
    2. All I asked was all the People claiming they only Quit due to LAG then post your GT and others can look and will clearly see you do quit (which is already admitted) but it should show that you quit just as many games where you are on the winning team as you do when on the Loosing team (LAG does not know what team your on)

    So the point of the thread is basically if you claim to quit because of LAG and LAG only regardless of which team you are on (winning or loosing or when enemy has called in air support) then show us, this will verify you are telling the truth and not jumping on the LAG bandwagon andfare genuinely quitting because of game issues and it has nothing to do with K/D.

    I think only two have posted their GT's and both admit they quit for various reasons (being knifed ect) i.e rage quit, which happens if your winning or loosing as the rage takes over, not just using LAG as an excuse as your team are getting beaten.

    Or maybe you are quitting because of LAG when only loosing, but LAG in this case is (Lame Ass Gamer) 
  • 65. Re: A challenge to all you Quitters using the LAG excuse
    I encounter this a lot actually. One game, i can drop people with one burst from the M16 ACOG, or have a three bullet spray from the FAMAS and kill just as quickly, but the next game, when host changes..i end up getting the worst end of it. I will never understand having to unload a whole clip into someones mouth before they die?
  • 66. Re: A challenge to all you Quitters using the LAG excuse

    If its just a game for fun why do these boosting cowards need to play a ranked mode.  I would like to see the join any ranked league like darts, bowling, tennis and walk out of their games 2:1 and tell the organization and their opponents its just a game to have fun.  Ignorance is bliss, if your foolish enough to boost by leaving a game and ruining the fun for others as you are usually host, I hope you get banned.  Boostin, modifying the game and leaving a ranked match early are against the code of conduct and if you do not agree to the code of conduct and are too ignorant to know the difference between a private and ranked game you deserve to be banned.  Leave a match early reets your K/D and is a form of boosting.

  • 67. Re: A challenge to all you Quitters using the LAG excuse

    If this was MW3 then I'll be dashboarding everytime I feel like I'm on the receiving end of its broken lag compensation. I haven't quit a game on BLOPS and I just started yesterday. It's a breath of fresh air playing BLOPS and the maps were really good and enjoyable.

  • 68. Re: A challenge to all you Quitters using the LAG excuse

    Welcome to Black Ops. Youll grow to love it even more.


    As for the orginal post, while this would seem like a good way to call players out they will never admit to leaving games because they're losing. They will get trolled so hard that we might make them commit suicide(no joke), i mean they already care alot so much about a virtual game that they find ways/reasons to make excuses when things aren't going their way that we will shatter and break their little minds when we make fun of them for doing so.

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