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unable to connect black ops servers.

please help me, when i try to play on multiplayer it says this error:

The call of duty black ops server is not available at this time. please try again later or visit www.callofduty.com black ops status for updates
i have like 2 week with this shitt i try restarting the wifi connection i try entering to the modem,searching tutorials and all, but nothings working
i cant play mw2,black ops,mw1..this happening only with call of duty games..i play online zombies very well.................. soo this is only with the multiplayer.. i read a post where somebody say: i have 1 month with this error..THATS a SHIIT soooooo pleasee help me to fix thisss                      
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    I've heard those who have been banned get that error. Since it's happening with all your CoD games, chances are they banned you username from connecting to the CoD servers. Sorry.
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    Is that true or is that a rumor.. so if you get that error you get banned? Cause the last time i played i got that same exact thing and i couldnt log in for about a 4 days and that lead up to me breaking my ps3 cause i thought that was the problem. But yeah i was frustrated. Idk if the post upbove said it is  true ,can some one please inform me or confirm  it?.. WOW insane.. i never once cheated . This is getting weird.

    Some one need to help me with this .. this is getting very strange..