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Brother Of War (BoW) Recruitment

Started in 2010, Brother of War has come together for one objective...WIN. We are a group of like-minded individuals that believes in brotherhood, team work and competition in a military style community.

Brotherhood - You will meet and interact with some of the best men and women you'll find in the gaming community. People that will take time to: talk, teach and battle along side you. Member's ages range from teens to 40s and all walks of life. The diversity of our members enhances the maturity and leadership within BoW.

Team Work - Team work is about self-sacrifice for better of the team, not your K/D ratio. You must have the willingness to stay back and secure an objective, while your teammates attack the opponent’s position. This is taught and learned through practice and playing with your squad.

Competition - This is the driving force in all gamers. Brother of War encourages and promotes that to the fullest. BoW competes in Gamebattles, public/private ladders and tournaments.

Brother of War has 2 gaming sections: PS3 and Xbox. In these sections, we offer the following divisions: Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. Coming soon Homefront and Crysis 2. Be one of the first to join one of these new divisions.

Brother of War has introduced Ground Zero, a tournament and ladder system for communities, clans, teams or individuals to compete. There will be free and pay tournaments/ladders for every liking.

Brother of War is not about the quantity of our membership, but the quality of our members. We give 100%. The only question is..... Will you??


BoW Capone
Black Ops Division
Chaos Squad