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I cant play online anymore unless its Zombies because i get so bored. Its the same shoot kill respawn. I m not terrible and im actually good but i get bored. They didnt change anything associated with gameplay. Its just like all the other COD games out there. Cant wait for Socom 4. Anybody else getting bored with the same gameplay as always. LOVE ZOMBIES though. Shoot me your xbox tag and we can play. I usually play with kids cause thats all i find in the afternoon so no one under 14. I own aN XBOX360 for only ZOMBIES and a few other kool games but i also own PS3 just for SOCOM 4. I hope the new COD is a totally new from scratch game. Black ops is nothing but a big DLC from MW2. Nothing new has changed just maps and that it. BORING. Anyone else feel the same way.