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PS3 Zombies Glitch

So I was playing on Ascension (PS3) with my friends, and my one friend got downed during a monkey round. He was standing by the PhD Flopper in a corner by the stairs leading to PhD  Flopper (you walk towards PhD and make a right and you'll be between the mystery box spawn and railing) and got downed, fell through the railing and onto the ground. He died cause we couldnt revive him and we got to the next round. When the monkey round comes, the sky turns red. Well after he spawned in the new round, he told me thru his mic that his screen was still red as if it was a monkies round. 2 glitches in 1. Treyarch needs to patch this.
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    Twice ive seen people go down and glitch in to the railing, once we quit so they could play. the other time we left them there because they were one split screen and didnt wanna play anymore, and when you leave some one in that glitch the zombies in the window try to claw them throu the wall, so they weren't there and still holding a window down. by the way this is on xbox too