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  • 20. Re: I am completely disgusted with this game and Treyarch

    Aeri wrote:


    I bought this game with high hopes. The campaign was fun, but as more and more patches came out to fix problems that shouldn't have existed in the first place, my game became more and more broken. I lagged, badly, and it wasn't an issue on my end. I even lagged just trying to screw around with my emblem. One map consistently lagged for me every time I played. Trying to get on a good server was insane, and trying to get into a wager match was just...ugh it was so, so frustrating. I could never find a server; it was either empty, and no one joined, or full.

    And zombies! Oh ho, zombies, how you let me down. I wanted this game strictly for zombies, because I loved it so much in WaW. What I got was difficult-to-join-with-a-friend games that only stressed me out, sub par maps with nothing interesting or new in them (that I cared about), and lots and lots of lag despite doing everything within my power to fix it. And there was nothing wrong with my PC. I should have been perfectly capable of handling the game, and yet it lagged relentlessly every single time I played. Not being able to play zombies with the only person I wanted to play it with SUCKED, and that's on top of the issues he and I ran into when we wanted to play MP on the same team (spoilers: we couldn't - not easily).

    And now First Strike. Thank you, Treyarch, for that final nail in the proverbial coffin. You guys are screwing us SO HARD! You demand $60 for a game that wasn't worth even $30 what with the level of unplayability it had SINCE THE DAY IT LAUNCHED. And you know what? There were still no fixes for the main problems I and many others had, that I've noticed. Still to this day these problems are going completely unfixed for us PC players, and now you want MORE money from us? Are you insane?

    You can only screw us so much before we get sick of it. We were already sick of it. And now this. Why do you insist upon screwing us over?

    With WaW, we got the DLC last because we got it for free, as PC players. Now we have this HUGE delay, and...why? It's certainly not because you're simply giving it to us.

    Stop giving your PC community the short end of the stick! As it is, I want nothing more to do with any future CoD games, especially not from Treyarch. You've just obliterated your PC community, and it's like that just wasn't enough; now you want to kick us in the ribs while we're down. I don't care why you're screwing us. I don't want to hear "B-b-b-but Activision made us do it!" Regardless of the hows and whys, it all boils down to one singular, blatantly obvious point: You guys don't give two ***** about your PC community anymore, to the point that you won't even make the game work LIKE IT DOES FOR CONSOLE PLAYERS. Excuse the hell out of me for not shelling out for a console just to enjoy your piece of crap, doesn't-even-work game. And let's not forget the coup de gras: THE GAME IS A **** PORT. A CHEAPASS, PIECE OF CRAP PORT. GAHHH you guys used to be so good!

    I'm done. Not just with this post, but with any games Treyarch ever releases in the future. Better yet, Activision, too. And for good measure I'll go ahead and say the laughably pitiful remains of Infinity Ward, too. Screw every future CoD and any other piece of crap you guys decide to make in the future. You'll certainly see none of my money ever again.

    Now let's see if this will even post, or if the forums are still broken like the last time I tried to post. lol

    ADDED 3/22: I am SICK AND TIRED of us PC players being ignored. JD_2020 isn't even TRYING to communicate with us. Go look at his tweets; I've tweeted him 3 times in the past two days or so and though he's been online, he hasn't said a damn thing about it. I doubt he's even seen this thread, which I've linked to with every message. This is just DISGRACEFUL, Treyarch. If you're going to sell out **** for $60, no one can stop you. But at least man up and step up to the **** plate. At least don't act like none of this is happening, because it is, and you're just making it that much worse.

    The lesson to learn here is.
    Dont get your hopes up.
    Realise they are after your money.
    They got your hopes up so you would give them your money.
    They win.
    Whether or not you win/lose depends on you and how you look at everything.
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    I agree with you. I will never buy a COD franchise game under the name of Treyarch. Battlefield 3 is looking awsome and so is Brink thats were my money is going in future and for someone who has bought every COD game since COD 1 this is a big thing tbh. Black ops is a better game in single player than it is in MP,  black ops MP just sucks on PC and is a waste of hard disk space.

    This is the only COD Title i feel iv been ripped off with. addon is a ripoff also for the price a friggin tenner fgs!!!!! for 4 MP maps.

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    FSB75 wrote:


    Only 2 things about the OP bother me:

    1)  He has the nerve to act surprised about the quality of BO after MW2.  Treyarch, IW...it's all the same under Activision.
    2)  He takes the time to "tweet" JD-whoever....as if that guys gives a damn, or ever will.

    Look, I don't know if BF3 (or the future of PC gaming for that matter) has the power to pull the FPS "title" (or gaming in general) from the COD series.  What I do know is that according to the 2010 ESA Essentials Fact - Sales, demographics, and usage data chart  http://www.theesa.com/facts/pdfs/ESA_Essential_Facts_2010.PDF:

    - In 2009, the TOTAL PC sales were 500,400,000 dollars.
    - In 2009, the TOTAL console sales were 9,900,000,000 dollars (BTW, yes, that's Billions, as in, starts with B).

    *That's 19 times as much in sales.


    - In 2009, the total units sold for PC gaming was 23.5 million.
    - In 2009, the total units sold for consoles was 250 million.

    *More than 10 times as much

    So what does this mean tot he PC gamer.  It means stop acting so surprised that you are continually offered "shovelware" that is marketed as quality software.  Rather...stop believing the hype, wait a bit to see, THEN make a decision on your purchases.

    If you don't believe for one seconds that EA isn't using this whole, disenfranchised/ disconnected/ disappointed gaming community to it's advantage, in an effort to boast it's next title, BF3, as PC lead system, and PC gamer friendly, and PC this and PC that, your just going to be on thier forums yelling at how they "screwed you".

    The PC gaming market is nothing more than a "bonus" to game publishers, and from the looks of sales, hardly even compares with the kick backs paid to them from consoles like the 360 (Micrsoft) for "first rights" and "exclusive" content.

    Your a PC gamer...wear that title with pride.  But for the love of all that is frag-worthy, don't you dare act surprised when your platform of choice, and your community at large is treated like an afterthought that most publishers would rather not even be bothered with.

    What you should be surprised about, is that many PC gamers continue to support these trends, and blindly buy many of these substandard titles...thus continuing the justification for the very treatment we endure.

    I get what you're saying, and you're right in many ways. I know there's little we can do about it and generally I accept that. But just because they're a business out to get money does not mean that that makes it okay for them to deliberately screw over their customers. Yeah, PC players are vastly outnumbered by console players, but we still accounted for 23 million in sales. That is a lot of money and a lot of fans that they don't care about. It's not like we're 500 people to 1,000,000 console players. That's 23 million people they've outright scammed. That doesn't make it fair or right in any way.

    Personally, I don't care about BF3. I don't want to play it. So none of that personally affects me, though I don't doubt that EA will use all of this to their advantage. But at least EA puts out working games from what I've played.

    What's a shame is that I did wait to see about BO. The person I wanted to play with was constantly looking up news and information about it. We both researched it well, AND we read forums and watched people playing online. Not that many people had a problem in the beginning. We don't just shell out $120 willy-nilly.

    I don't mind that the game is an obvious port. I mind that we paid $60 for a digitally distributed copy of a game - no disc, no case, no manual, nothing. We paid the same price as everyone else and we got less. We didn't get the four extra zombies maps from WaW. We didn't get anything physical or tangible. And to top it all off, we didn't even get a working game. There's a difference between a port and something that doesn't even work. It's an outright scam at this point, considering the fact that they've had plenty of time to address these issue and put out patches.

    But JD is too busy tweeting about his beloved theater mode to, you know, do his job. He's the community manager, not the ******* hype machine, and he needs to start acting like it before, when the next CoD releases, it goes from 23.5 million PC sales down to 15 million.
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    The first 5 days of CODs released grossed 650 m for Treyarch. It has now made well over 1 b for them. Thats "Avatar" money only with far less overhead. The overhead, including marketing, is probably less then %10 but we'll call it that anyways and say their shareholders have a cool billion from this thing.

    And still they hose their player base and screw them out of $15 just to have a map base other games provide for free.

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    A: | Fletch
    Refunds? LOL, wow. that's Flippin hilarious. Go climb up the Snivel tree with the rest of the Pole smokers

    kdyg wrote:


    My thoughts exactly. I think it's disgusting that they chose to charge for the DLC considering how small the userbase already is (MW2 PC consistently has a higher peak players number) and the number and severity of issues that people are having. Add Treyarch's inability to communicate with the fanbase and their disregard for quality and standards and I'm done. Treyarch is in my opinion, the worst game developer. I'm not talking about their games (but really, what did you expect from a company whose past games were garbage and averaged at a 60 Metacritic score?) but their development process and philosophies. I'd be surprised if this doesn't become a case study for Software Engineering and Computer Science programs around the country on how NOT to develop. It's really upsetting that Activision is closing the competent developers while keeping the low-tier like Treyarch because they are established as the "Call of Duty guys" now. So Activision isn't keeping them because they're good, but because they are needed for the CoD franchise. I thought Treyarch would finally rid their status as the "B-Team" for good with Black Ops but I guess they have that title for a reason.

    It's been a fun ride Treyarch. I'm done with your incompetency. Call me when your employees go through a re-education process, especially those with leadership positions. You guys are a **** joke.

    It sucks that Valve won't give refunds for games. I'll even take a penny or a Team Fortress 2 hat I'll never wear to get this piece of **** game off of my Games list.

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    You just read minds of 99% of people playing on PC. The 1% of people who enjoy Black Ops are Treyarch employees, kids that got a new computer from their moms and people that didn't wear a safety helmet, injured their head and went to play Black Ops brainless.
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    A: | Fletch wrote:


    Refunds? LOL, wow. that's Flippin hilarious. Go climb up the Snivel tree with the rest of the Pole smokers

    Refunds given to customers that are dissatisfied with the product provided? Hah! No one ever does that. It's certainly not a good business model or anything.
  • 28. Re: I am completely disgusted with this game and Treyarch
    I completely agree with the thread starter and wholeheartily supports him.
    I have this problem myself and till this day, I get NO HELP at all from either activision or treyarch.
    Even the support staff at activision told me off by saying there is nothing me or they can do and brush me off.

    Black Ops was the first game I bought for the CoD series hoping to play on multiplayer. But apprently developers are moving to console platform and ignoring the PC community. I don't blame them for focusing on console due to the fact of piract issue but if you are going to ignore the PC community, why not just eliminate them completely rather then cheating them of their money one off then leave them stranded there?

    Screw you Activision & Treyarch! This will be the last game I regret so much buying from you people.
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    this is not worth paying for and the few people that will buy it will never get to play together because if you dont have the map pack you get kicked from the game, and i doubt there will be enough people in  a game that have the map pack to keep a good game going.

    They are SO stupid for charging for the map pack i was planning on downloading this and playing with some friends on the new maps but no.
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