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Panic Knifing: A Solution

Personally I never used to believe in panic knifing, thinking it was just an excuse for getting beaten in a reaction game. Then i saw my cousin literally squeeze the controller in a panic as someone ran round the corner at him and he got the kill.

I think what Treyarch should do would be to change the melee to a gun hit, which would be a two hit kill, similar to the riot shield in MW2. This would make the game more gun orientated but I don't think it would slow down the pace. However, I realise this would not be great for many people who enjoy knife only, and the satisfaction of knifing somebody in the back who is oblivious to the outside world.

A way to combat this would be to press down on the D-pad to bring out the knife, similar to the action done in the campaign. This would take about a second, and would be a one hit kill all the time. You would still be able to get back stabs for ninja pro, knife-only players could still do what they do best and it would make knife kills even more satisfying. Dare I say it, it would also make the game more realistic?

You would still be able to finish someone off with the melee, for example if you can out of ammo or don't want to waste it on somebody in last stand.

I do realise this would be a very complicated patch and so might not work. If this is the case I do hope it could be put into the next Call of Duty.

What do you guys think? 
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