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Want to make a PS3 Clan with someone

I want to be a officer of someone clan,because being leader is to much.Just to note a sniping clan.
Plan on calling it OSF~ - Oh So Fresh~

Now just to make sure I want to be the officer of the clan and whoever has these requirements can be leader and after I got a leader than it goes to just normal members to the clan.

After playstation network is up add *Dempsen*


K/D Ratio .90+

If you want to be leader you have to have a better k/d rate than me and kill streak *Only for clan leader tryouts*

Has to be active

Must be willing to play with clan members a few time in a while

No cheating or boosting *Obviously*

Can't have two clans

Must not rage to clan members if camping or using second chance, AK-74u,FAMAS,AUG, or any other overused guns.

No raging every game if you do have mic

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
Here is 2 sniper classes I mainly use that you can copy

L96A1 Extended Magazines
Akimbo Python
Steady Aim Pro
Marathon Pro
L96A1 Extended Magazines
Speed Reloader Python
Motion Sensor
Flap Jacket Pro
Steady Aim Pro
Marathon Pro
(If quick scoper this is highly recommended from me.)

Spy Plane
Counter Spy Plane *Like to piss off other team)*
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