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PSN Down for 2 wks is not bad at all

I just want to say that I'm upset that I haven't been able to get online for 2 weeks, but think about it, Sony has to basically completely rebuild / enhance the entire security/software development for the PSN and that can not be a quick nor easy task, so if it's back up in a few days, I think that is rather good.

I work in finance for a Company that develops software - and it takes many months for them to start and finish a project.  I know nothing of what all goes into it, and I'm not comparing PSN security to other Software projects, and maybe then can use some of the existing code, but my point is there are a ton of obstacles and things they have to understand to build/enhance PSN and if they can do that in 2 weeks, I think that's pretty impressive.

I just hope it's up this weekend, b/c I think PSN get double XP this weekend, even though Xbox got the mappack, let me know if I'm mistaken.