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Garden Of Eden Theory

I've noticed that Zombies has had some recent biblical references in it.. Such as the VR11 Lazarus; I've done some random digging and Some things are adding up.

First off, On the Loading screen of COTD there is a Corner missing from the right page; the plant on said picture (AND NO It's not from shi-no-numa; I've cross checked it's not the same plant.) The plant right there is Papyrus, for those of you that don't know that's the **** Egyptians used to make paper.  Innocent enough.

I've come across finding Papyrus 115, That number seem familiar? It's a piece of Papyrus referencing the number of the beast to 616. Innocent as well.

But what I found odd was that the achievement for the Easter egg challenge was sending them to "Paradise" And upon completing the Easter egg challenge you hear an Elephant..

The first thing I thought of when I saw "Paradise" was "Paradise Lost" Which is an Epic poem describing the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Some theories to the location of the Garden of Eden is in India, Last time I checked India had elephants in it; so.. The next and Final zombie map for Black ops could possibly be.. the Garden of Eden.

I know all of this is completely far fetched and all, but I'm not ruling it out until I am disproved by the third Map pack.

What I want to know is any thoughts on my theory; and theories of your own about this next map, and the whole.. Elephant thing; Hell I'm even open to people flaming me about this.


Other locations for the garden of eden have been Sumer, Dilmun, Buried under the Persian gulf, and Tabriz.

Also; Eden is usually depicted with Exotic African animals in it, Commonly the Elephant.