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Solo Strategy

Hi, I'm Max, and this is my first post. Any feedback is appreciated.
I play on PS3 and my PSN ID is milewski1015
I have Black Ops Hardened Edition along with Modern Warfare 2.
Message me on PSN letting me know you saw my post on callofduty.com and ill try and accept your friend request.

I saw this strategy on YouTube, and thought it was amazing    so I've decided to share it with you guys.   All credit goes to Convergancy. I DID NOT come up with this myself. 

Step 1. Gain at least 3500 points from the starting room. Will be used to buy the two doors to get into the furnace room, and buy the thompson. Clear the debris blocking the stairs and walk outside.
Step 2. Hop down off the ledge and activate the power and run all the way back up to the ledge and across the bridge. DO NOT OPEN THE DEBRIS BLOCKING THE STAIRS!!!!!!!!! Turn right and buy the bouncing bettys for 1000 points. Place one bouncing betty on the bridge and one behind you on the lip of the ledge at the start of each round. They replenish after each round so you'll always have at least two at the start of a new round.
Step 3. Description of the strategy: Stand at the ledge and let the zombies funnel towards you from up the stairs and out of the two windows outside. Aim for the head and listen for the sound of the bouncing betty on the bridge exploding. If you get overwhelmed, drop down off the ledge and either run to where the power switch is and open that door, or activate the trap in front of where the mystery box starts. If you run out of thompson ammo, you can make a big circle and buy more off the wall. Eventually, you'll have to link the teleporters so you can upgrade the thompson, so always remember to make a crawler at the end of each round. Juggernog and Speed Cola are necessary perks, but after those, you can buy whatever fits your preference.Juggernog is located in the little hallway past where the bouncing betties were, and speed cola is on the first floor. To get to speed cola, drop down from the ledge and run under the ledge, there should be a little alcove. Run though there and speed cola should be on your left.
Step 4. After this, the number of rounds you get to depends on your skill. Convergancy got to 28+ so anywhere in the 20's is reasonable.

NOTE: Don't feel like you have to use the thompson for this strategy, any gun you are comfortable with works, the thompson is just easy since you can buy ammo off the wall.

Link to part 1 of this strategy: (Its eight parts long)