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How to make High levels on Kino Der Toten

Everyone has there tips tricks and ideas on how to survive and reach high levels on this map.

Currently my high level is 62 and I am 100% positive it can be much much higher if I had time to play for 15 hours straight : (

Again I know there are many tips out there but I can guarantee this is by far the best one.

Also this will work for 3/4 players but I always do it with 2 players.

It is very important to understand there can only be a certain amount of zombies alive at any given time. Not sure of the #.

So what that means is.... If you have a large group of zombies and you kill 1, 1 is going to break through some wheres.

Or if you kill 5, 5 will break through and so on.

The trick is to have one person circling the stage and one person circling the theater. Doing a figure 8.

When you both have a hoard of zombies it is now time for both of you to go to the main lobby. Keep in mind if you kill a zombie it is very

likely a zombie will cut you off at the main lobby. So if you kill 10 zombies rest assure 10 zombies will likely cut you off. This is important

why you do not kill ANY zombies until you get back to the stage.

So for example if you kill 10 zombies in the main lobby that are coming from the theater. You will get cut off when you go up the stairs

because that is where they will likely be breaking through.

Also for example if you use the trap in the hall way upstairs notice zombies will be breaking through the dressing room. Guaranteed! And you die.

So what I do is.... Hoard all the zombies together. Slowly circle them around through the mansion. And either kill them all on the stage

or use the trap in the dressing room and fry all of them. And then we let them hoard up again and run through the mansion again.. And so on....

So the main reason why people die is because zombies cut them off. This DOES NOT happen if you do not kill any. Guaranteed!

And what I personally do for guns is.... Thunder and ray gun up until around 25 or so. Then I switch the Ray gun for the MP 40. With double tap.

I empty an entire clip of the MP 40 by the time I do a full circle again so I can buy more ammo. And this makes more than enough money

to constantly set the trap in the dressing room. So the rpk and hk are NOT necessary what so ever. For amateurs.

There are small tricks that can be added to this technique. Using the teleporter to fry some of them. Hitting the machine gun on the stage.Exc..

It is very important that you and your team mate communicate. With out if you are dead.

Well I know this was kind of long, but this is what I do and it works 100% of the time. If anyone wants to play with me or is confused with

anything I said. Just add me on PS 3 and I will be glad to help anyway possible.

I will play with anyone. I prefer you have a mic but not necessary if you can hear me. And I do not care about your high level or age. It is a game

I hope this method helps people get better at Zombies!!


Also just to prove the MP 40 can make you just enough points my friend I play with alot is ranked 70 or something in the world for points

and he mainly used the MP 40 the ENTIRE game. His name is   fukual603   Look on the leader boards 70 ish something....