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    CaRBoNKNiFE wrote:


    First of all, there shouldn't be 15 year olds playing this game (under aged) and secondly - If you get a PC the search is a lot more customizable (Not sure if there's a 40+ server) but I'm sure it would help and you could probably find some 40+ guys to play private matches with to practice or just make it more even, I mean - who cares about your online level?

    I'm actually a member of OFC (Over Forty Clan) we have over 500 members all PS3, Xbox, wii and PC. We take members in their 30's and up, no requirements. We have a lot of fun and to be honest we win a lot of matches working as a team. We have a thread in the clan section. Any older gamer's interested stop over and check us out.
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    Love the comments guys, I am 37 and can very occasionally hold my own with all the kids and try hards and play in a clan of very mixed abilities and ages but good communications have resulted in a win/loss of around 1.35, kills/death is 1.09 at the moment and dropping by the day seemingly.  Is there any actual match making that goes on on Black Ops?

    Any clan of Oldies please add me, Garysugden73 and I'll give it a shot.  Favourite classes I use are M16 with ACOG and silencer, also anything with flamethrower cos it just looks hilarious.
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    Oh good, so it's not just me.  I'm 32 and haven't really done too much multiplayer until I got CoD:BO so that I could play with my brother-in-law who lives on the other side of the country.  Now that I've done a bit of multiplayer, I've almost wanted to assume the PSN ID of cannon_fodder with an abysmal K/D ratio under 0.5 I'm sure.  So I've limited myself to objective style modes such as Domination were I frequently am a top player for captures but unfortunately the guy with the most kills still gets the most points.  In a game such as Domination, you'd think captures would net the most points especially solo captures since it takes so long and leaves you vulnerable (honestly you might as well have a big neon sign on your head that says "Come Kill Me").

    My PSN ID is jmiller1978 for those who enjoy playing with other fodder.
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    Lancecasual wrote:


    Just find a good time of day to play.  For me in the central US, it's 5am-9am. The 5 hour energy drink slamming pimple faces are just going to bed, and it seems that it's mostly people like me who wake up early before work that are playing.  37 by the way.

    you are talking about  teenagers right? xD
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    Please forgive me if something similar has already been stated, but I'd currently don't have the time to read through the entire 11 pages. I did see a suggestion similar to an idea I once posted. It was in reference to matchmaking where one could only be matched to ranked rooms with certain k/d ratios. If you had a k/d of 1.00, you could ONLY join a lobby of k/d .90-100, .95-1.05, or 1.00-1.10.

    Also, I saw a thread that would also help. It suggested to not buy any of the map packs. Reason being, it's mostly the hardcore gamers purchasing these map packs, leaving the more casual gamers with lower k/d stuck with the original maps. My ps3 died, forcing me to buy another and before I redownloaded the maps, I tested it. It's true. I was actually playing with people more comparable to me.

    Im not about to rant about a boycott or anything, but rest assured, 3arc does it's homework. They now what age groups buy what and when. If they see a decline in additional dlc from certain age groups with certain k/d ratios, they will know why and they will change things.
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    Just wondering, how has this faired for you thus far? Personally I am somewhat in agreement with you. I like dominating people but generally prefer to play against people on par or above my level of gaming capabilities. The odd weaker player is fine and all with lovely boosts to my statistics but can get boring without keeping me on my toes. Not quite sure what is a realistic approach to dealing with it though.
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    I think the private match/clan option is a good idea, except that i think if you play with the same people all the time it will get too predictable. I don't even like to play the same map twice in a row cause I think the opponents figure out my tendencies.

    I have for the last few months played exclusively in the "Hardcore TDM" lobby....I find it suits my style better, I've also tried to concentrate on getting more "kills" than deaths (obvious). I usually get 4 to 8 kills per match and have a K/D of 0.73...  I think you have to play a little more defensivley and try not get killed so many times to be a contributing team member. This means sometimes you have to hide in dark corners and lay down in doorways etc.

    Being called a "camper" is a badge of honor, it just means you are making it tough on a runner. Maybe he didn't get his attackdogs because you killed him when he was 1 shy of the streak! (haha). I love it when they scream "you effing camper *****!!" (thats howI feel about 2nd chance users!!)

    I like to think of it more as hunting than camping.
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    quit crying old man

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    Quit trolling anal queen

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    Put me (Drdeathmaker) on that list as I am 53 with apparently slower response times as well- Dont let the prestige 15 /lvl 50 as it was done with lots of hours and perserverence and using no headset.and am a lone wolf that makes it to the top here and there.  Again thank you for ecdhoing my thoughts.

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