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Fix Sharpshooter

I have been playing Sharpshooter a lot and it just seems as when there is a under gun barrel weapon such as the Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, or Flamethrower it seems as if the people use the under guns and don't even use the actual weapon it self which doesn't even serve the purpose of Sharpshooter. I can see having Extended Magazines or Red Dot Sight but under guns just ruin the purpose. Treyarch, if you fix this I think it will serve the purpose of Sharpshooter. Red Dots and ACOG Sights and sights like this are okay but having another gun makes it over powered and you don't even have to shoot your gun and don't troll this post because this is just my thoughts on Sharpshooter. Thank You for reading. 
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    It adds to the experience, if you ask me. The point of sharpshooter isn't necessarily about being on even levels with every gun, but more of a gametype for people who are good to adapting to new guns. The only real problem I could see with underbarrel attachment is noob tubes, and everybody has them, so it's not like it's unfair. Besides that, noobtubes are rarely ohk's on black ops (Or maybe that's just me - but it seems like whenever I get shot with a noob tube, flak jacket or not, I can still manage to kill the person tubing me).

    But, back to the point, if there is a noob tube attached to the gun your on, try getting somewhere where it's hard for you to get noobtubed, i.e. the sniper's nest on Firing range, the radio tower on array, and so on.
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    What is there to complain about?  Everyone has the under barrel attachment.  It's easier for me to tube you from distance than it is for me to shoot you.  I'm trying to win.  There's nothing that needs to be fixed.  It's supposed to be a random gun with a random attachment.