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The Night Crew Clan

Thanks for visiting The Night Crew Clan website, if you would like to join and/or post with us you must register on our forums first. After registering our our site you will then be opened to a number of our forums that will allow you to post on certain forums. If you would then like to request to join our clan you will then be have that option available to you. WELCOME TO THE NIGHT CREW CLAN! The majority of our members are mature gamers who enjoy online gaming, honest and conduct ourselves maturely in all gaming aspects accordingly. We are a very organized clan that consider that FAMILY, WORK and FRIENDS are the most important in our life. REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN:
+25 yrs of age, mic and some maturity?

Male only...but if you are a manly female, that is cute then maybe..
HISTORY OF CLAN: On Tuesday, May 5, 2009, the Night Crew Clan was created on the principle to bring online gamers from different background, interests, and akin to bringing some humorous experiences while gaming on multiple platforms (PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360), as well as provide our member an avenue where they can share their family backgrounds, gaming experiences, and interests. As a member of the Night Crew Clan, we lead by example, play with honesty, and support each other through each of personal experiences. We invest time in our family, briefly escape through online gaming, and establish new friendships Our values Our mission is guided by the enduring and relevant tenets of online gaming –sportsmanship, honesty and fun--and our core values, which include: Ethics Playing online games are based on honor and integrity, and we believe that honesty, camaraderie, fair play, and knowledge are important

come check us out www.thenightcrewclan.com and after you sign up click the join button at the top to become a recruit