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Hello people

I started a new Youtube channel a few days ago and don't know what to do to make it enjoyable to other people.
I just finished a little daytage ( not something special ) and want to hear your thoughts


If you guys have any tips for me & the channel let me know please.
And also let me know if you liked to montage you can place it here in the forum or in the comments under the video.

Much greets VisibleTheatreHD
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    Here's a quick clip from me! It will link you to my vids! But to be honest for some reason most people on here won't watch a damn thing if it had a montage/youtube link/my cool vid or whatever you call it in the title! I post stuff here all the time and get flak 99% of the time! Everyone thinks you want to be a youtube star and gives you crap or they just assume it's a poorly made vid?! I don't really know! I do them for fun and use youtube for storage of clips and vids as theatre mode realy limits you to what you can do!


    Here's a perfect example of what I just said! I made this a couple weeks ago and posted it a bit ago on the forums and not a single view or reply!

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    It's nothing personal, just there are so many posted here and they are all the same rubbish, they just get dull and clog up the boards.

    Would be nice if there was a sub forum for them....
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    I will have to agree that a lot of vids/clips do get posted here but I don't think they clog up the forums! Way more complaining and I hate this and nerf that or patch this! While there are many valid problems and glitches that have been reported/posted I see many things that are beat to death!  Just look at the first page and see if you see more vids/clips OR complaints?
    I like the idea of a sub-forum for vids/clips! I like to show parts of my game that are going well or got a good killcam! I can see how some people will not watch do to seeing some really bad clips! If you did look at my channel, wich I doubt, you would see I'm on there just for fun and not collecting 100's -1000's of views/subs!
    As always I do these for fun and use youtube for storage and find it nice to start a thread that is not a complaint or a nerf this!
    I respect your opinion and thank you for your input!!