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The Game130886
First off, we called deadly intent, because u will suffer when u play against us  or you can be a part of it

We are looking for Call of Duty Black Ops gamers to join us in our community DEADLY INTENT for some fun, laughs & good games without immature people doing your head in like other clans.

age 13+ is welcome to come over and play wit us if you like what you see feel free to send me a message and i will get back to you ASAP.

We all work good as a team if thats what you like, if you prefer to go it alone in game then thats up to you.

I have so many exciting plans coming up plz if u want to get involved u know what u gotta do.

Competitive (K/D 1.00+) & Non Competitive gamers also very welcome!

Hope to see you soon.