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If Quickscoping is an exploit.....then why don't you use it?

Vanilla Ice is Gangsta
I read all these quickscope haters calling it an exploit and saying it is unbalanced and anyone can do it and it takes no skill bla bla bla. My response to you is why don't you do it then?

In CoD it's always been a known fact that 99.99% of players use the EASIEST methods possible at all times for the life span of the game because nowadays people are terrified to put effort into anything at the risk of less impressive results. So why am I seeing more FAMAS users than L96A1 users? If quickscoping is an exploit then surely it should be the dominant play style in all lobbies since CoD is mainly about using exploits to gain kills in the easiest way, right?

Don't bring the shotgun argument into it either because you obviously don't know physics.

Consistent quickscopers = highest skilled players in CoD.
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