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Quickscope VS Hardscope: the discussion

hello guys. you might guess what this topic about. but i'll tell you. i aint going to be blaming QS or HS this time. i'm going to discuss about it.
(sorry for the (possible) horrible english)

now, QS has been a rage ever sinds COD4. 4 games. 4 games were you were shouting at your TV screen ' well éçà&ç you stupid QS éç"!'çéà i é!"'çé!" hate you!'

but why do so many people hate QS ( and TS)?
i guess people feel humiliated by the fact that they got QS'd.
but i am going to explain ( my view) on QS and NS ( the most common way of beeing a...( you may fill that up yourself)
QS is discovered by accident i think. because, when you are a sniper ( like on crossfire) and you suddenly have an enemy in front of you at 6 feet. you wanna kill him fast. and no be exposed to the time you have to take to aim, steady and fire. so people start QS. i don't mind 'that' kind of QS because its more like a self defence. but i do not apreciate the 'QS' QS, you get it?
now about NS. i think it is the same for above. NS is more defense then offense ( helding a sniper is allways defence in a way)
and i think NS is much easier to do than QS. altough i might say, people use it to defend themselves on CQC. but you have the 'NS' NS, guys who NS all the time... get it?
TS, if you do TS, then you are wasting yourtime. i LOVE killing flying turkeys mid air while they try to pull an' impossible shot' of.
i laugh my ass of when i see their K/D ratio at the end of the game...
i remember on crisis... i remember it, like it was yesterday...* dreaming*
hehe, those were good memories...
HS, i respect people when they HS. they are good snipers. and i'll tell you a FACT.
Quickscopers don't know how to Hardscope...
its a fact. i asked 7 QS'rs to do a one on one. HS only. and they never won against me. in fact. 2 of them didn't even try to HS. they just started running as a bunny and QS'p. if you can do both. then that's great for you. then you are one of a kind. ( and you might be lying aswel)

anyhow. now actuly. to the whiners that are ******** on every single topic about QS. listen up...
a motto. ' whiners are Quickscoper meat.'
i'm telling you. you whine because you have been killed allot by QS. that means you are a complete noob. because if you were good. they didn't have the chance killing you.
nice example:
'they shoot me once, i killed them twice...'
if you don't get this quote, then you are dumb...
QS is easy to avoid people...
now. feel free to rant about it. dissagree with me.
its a discussion after all 
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    I think you are wrong on all counts... besides.. who cares about this anyways (lol I guess I do, otherwise I would not be replying)?

    You do realize that terms such as quickscope and hardscope were coined (and are being used) by people who are not old enough to have opinions that matter anyways. 

    Personal opinion: I do not hate any mode of "scoping". If it gets the kill, great. I cannot stand people who insist on only "quick/no"scoping and cost the team a win (having said that, if you are on the opposing team, please QS/NS all day because it is a low probability shot, and you are going to lose the match)
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    QS is a play style  
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    I don't care how somebody snipes.  If they get the kill then kudos to them.  I however get tired of these young kids calling people hardscopers.  I can do both and do whichever one fits the situation.  Anyone can quickscope in Black Ops now that they removed most of the sway with the patches.  Watch any of the thousands of tips on youtube and you to can be quickscoping in minutes.  It's basically hit L1 then R1 with minor adjustments. One thing that seems to work is to never hold your breath.  So if your a hardscoper then this is one aspect you have to learn not to do. Just go into combat training and start out on the recruit bots then move up to regular.  You'll get it in no time.  The main adjustment in online play is the fps and lag issues make it a little more difficult than combat training.  It's pretty hard to qs/hs or even smg/ar spray an enemy that is skipping around the map.

    I'm a team player so I usually leave qs only playstyle for FFA matches.  I normally play dom and switch up weapons all the time so when I do snipe I hs the majority of the time with a few qs here and there.

    To each his own.
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    There was a thread on here about 2 days ago discussing auto aim, and most ppl said it was noob and cheap. That's where quick scoping comes in, bc the auto aim system spawned the quick scoping generation. So by process of reasoning bc auto aim= cheap auto aim= quick scope so quick scope = cheap. I'm only saying this as an unbiased party. I don't care honestly, bc I don't do QS and I hate auto aim for the behind the wall tracking. I'm just saying that SMG have the close range, AR has the mid range and snipers are suppose to have the long but QS makes close mid and long range possible for snipers. How would u snipers like to be killed across the map by the scorpion and also close range in just one shot? Just putting it in perspective.
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    IMO, QS are players that are using a aimbot, or auto aimbot to score hits, and hide it behind the QS'ing technque.  Not all do this, but from what I have witnessed, I would say it's being done.  Now I know that lag can play a part that makes it seem like they were off target, when they were right on, but I HS and have been on target on a stationary target, yet have missed serveral times.  Most likely due to lag, still I personally witness on a kill cam a QS were you saw the shot curve to hit, and the aiming crosshares were totally off target.  QS or NS is not realistic, then again nether is COD Black OPS.  Still I think it's a bad example to allow something in a game, that is impossible in real life.  The only good thing is that I know QS in real life will be easy kills for us true killers, because they will always miss.

    In COD, the sniper rifle should be removed, a true sniper does not QS to kill anything, and to do so is an insult to the sniping profession, IMO.
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    I can only respect a COD4 QS. In MW2 it was made way too easy, A perk setup was really all you needed, that took the skill needed to QS. a Hardscope should not even be a word seeing that that's how you sniper. See your target, Hold your breath, Zero In..,Shoot. That just the way it is done. These kids being mad that they getting "hardscoped", are just that, kids. I will respect a real sniper over a QS or NS.
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    Im just mad at the people who put on the sniper rifle just to QS and not support the team.