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Looking for PS3 clan

I am looking for a clan that does not play too seriously. My K/D is around 0.9 however that is only because I was awful at this game when I came out, now I normally get a K/D of around 1.50 each match. I live in Europe so I am looking for European players, and I play daily for a few hours most of the time. I am also looking for a clan that doesn't mind younger players, since I am only 13 years old. I also have all the map packs, so I hope I can find a good clan to join!
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    Blitzkrieg sounds like the perfect clan for you. We are a PS3 exclusive clan that specializes in the Call of Duty series. We will be moving into Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 as soon as the games are released. Our goal is to provide both competitive and casual gamers with the experience and enjoyment they desire. We have a highly experienced leadership foundation, as well as mature member base. We have everything you could possibly want in a clan. I would really like to discuss a membership possibility with you. If you are interested, please visit

    or Email us at

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    MeRk is accepting new members at this we are looking for the age of 16 and up and to have a mic my psn is geek3864
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    Chwxk out imPulse Gaming. Your Probably Thinking to Yourself, They Have a badass name. Its true we do.Wed like you to be part of this up and growing ps3 clan . We have a nice forum site all we ask is post everynow and then stay active in game and on the site. Alot of the guys here are really good friends because we all came from another clan. So we have a friendly environment for you to enjoy. To Join just go to our website is impulsegaming.info. Then Pass our Simple tryout by some of the best tryout coodinators out there.. So If your Looking for a casual or Competitive clan Come over to imPulse Gaming and Join this Awesome clan!     


    check us out
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    Hey man,

    You should join us (WaZe) we play for the fun of it and we also have younger players

    but even tho some younger we look for more mature people if you know what i mean,so if ur still intressed in joining someone you should atleast try us! Add me : Psn: AkmeTme

    we are 3 people atm, we wont get to many people but we will figure that out later,

    if you have Skype or Ts (Teamspeak) it would be easier to connect with you

    I will make a site for the clan with info later


    Your sincerely;