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Zombies official merchandise

seeing that zombies has come to an end (for black ops anyway) i believe trey atc should develop merchandise for sale, which will only be related to zombies.
This includes:
Ray gun
Winters Howl
Black hole
Cymbal monkey
Matryshka doll
canister of element 115
An art book of all of the comics for ach loading screen
Bowie knife
Juggernog drink
Speed cola
Revive sodaa
Double tap oot beer
Gun mule
PHD flopper
Stamin up
Deadshot daiquiri
Eqach drink wioll have a unique flavour
If you can afford it they should also make a random box with a same twinkle when you open it
IOf you like the ideas then keep on bumping and hopefully trey arc will do this, if you want you can add some merchandise of your own onto my list.