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The Infrared Scope -

How often do u get killed by people using 1? I bet rarely if ever. I bet most people have never even tried a Infrared Scope. Now most of the ones who have tried it call it useless. I'm an average player and my K/D went from .96 to 1.04 after 3 days of my first use (I have over 40000 kills & deaths alltogether so its hard to raise[theres a reason my K/D is so low, but lets not get into that])

The Infrared scope makes enemies appear as white, and makes all other objects blue. It is useful for those who like to be accurate. It allows u to focus only on the enemy & not the environment. The environment around u can cause minor distractions. But focusing on 1 person can let a different enemy set up for a kill. This is suprisingly not a big problem at all.

To use the IR scope, u must first choose the proper gun. Most accurate guns (in order of most accurate to least) include: Enfield, Commando, HK21 Aug, and AK47. (Famas, Galil, RPK, M60, and Stoner63 are far to innaccurate.) I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THE ENFIELD. It is very easy to maintain, has a FAST pull-up rate and is useful on medium & long range maps like Grid, Jungle, Array, Villa. My second choice would be the AUG. It has a suprisingly easy to control fire rate and makes for a quick & easy kill. I'd only use AUG on medium maps like summit, Launch, Radiation, firing range (even though firing range is small, it has mostly mid range combat)

Now, the secret that makes the IR scope effective is ***Sleight of Hand PRO***. It is USELESS without SOHPRO. it allows u to aim quick enough to deal with the close to medium range enemies. Medium to long range takedowns are its strengths. You can see things a normal sight wouldn't see some of the time like people hiding, creeping around corners, and camping behind unbroken windows. You can also see right through nova gas and smoke. Which is why u should equip some nova gas. I also use ghost & hacker.

The disadvantages of the IR scope are: people using ghost pro will not show up as white (but don't worry, u can still see ghost pro user just not as clearly). You will need a sensitivity at atleast 5 because its a scope and it aims much slower then a site.

A smart player might want to use this. The advantages out weigh the disadvantages, and trying something new could completely change your COD experience. Its fun to use. Give it a try in combat training or local play first. After u get used to it, try it online.

Leave feedback after trying this. MAKE SURE TO USE SOHPRO!!!