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quickscoping problems again{DONT HATE}

since i always play combat training (connection problems- PS you can play against bots without beeing connected.....) i always quickscope them just to make it fun after almost a year and tryarc made it easyer to quickscope a while ago but today when i started playing i notice that my shots were off and when i scoped in the sway was noticely larger then yesterday but i havent seen a patch update so can someone help me?

was there another patch to the snipers anytime in the last week or  no ?

PS srry for my bad grammer and spelling
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    Nah, The old sniper patch (more sway and random timer when qsing) is still on offline in private games. You also can´t get a collateral with the L96a1 in private combat training split screen. They should fix this as it’s fun playing one on one offline and not being able to use the sniper properly is just dumb.

    You need to play combat training online, there the patch is active and obviously now for multiplayer.