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[Black Ops] Patch 1.12  notes

New patch is live, 63MB. Main thing added is the new playlists:

30 second lobby timer; no game mode that has a respawn timer; small maps; No Ghost; No Second Chance allowed.

DLC Moshpit
Moshpit of game modes using only DLC maps.

DLC Hardcore Moshpit
Same as above only using hardcore game mode variants.

No official patch notes yet but should be similar to the last xbox version update.

Addressed an issue with attack dogs causing them to "warp" under rare circumstances.
• Fixed an exploit allowing players to purchased locked classified weapons
• Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get above 15th Prestige using Combat Training/Player Match menus.
• Improvements to spawn system.
• Addressed some bugs with Custom Game Settings for CTF related to Touch Return Disabled