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Am the only one who actually prefers BLOPs over MW2?

Modern Warfare 2: Quickscoping, commando, noobtubes, deathstreaks, UMP45, no recoil, no skill, anyone can be good at it
Of course it's my opinion, so feel free to disagree but I honestly like Black Ops better. How can you guys stand getting noobtubes constantly every 20 seconds? And what is with people and lag? I don't lag whatsoever in blackops, and if I do, it's because the host sucks (you can tell when everyone is two bars). I just hate ghost, blop shotting and campers. That's all the problems I have encountered so far, in my 14th prestiges. And is anyone actually going to buy MW3? Personally, I don't see any huge gamebreaking differences between it and MW2, so I'm not getting it. And lastly, are you still going to play BLOPs after MW3? Honestly, BLOPs was my favorite CoD to date. Feel free to disgree, just no trolling.