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Black ops zombies leaderboards stuck

Every single map is frozen and will not update rounds survived. Only high score is updated. I play a 14-16 hour game and it does not count. I have tryed deleating updates and map packs and redownloading them. Nothing. I have called Activision and Xbox. Nothing sorry sir. only option is to deleate my GT and create a new account and start over. Only 1 problem with that. I would have to rebuy every single map pack again. Really come on. This is the only game I play. If anything I want a refund for all map packs and the game. I can not enjoy the game at all. I can't play it. Activision says they are working on a patch but will be a few months. I have been to over round 40 on every single map though my leaderboard don't say it. When I search for a match people think I suck because of the rounds survived is low. Even though they don't look at high score and see I creamed them by 1000000 points at least. the few that do look say I  am a cheater and no way I could have killed over 2000 zombies in that low round. I have to explain the leaderboards don't work for me. Then sometimes we will play. They all level up and then they see that I did not level up. All my friends are 60+ on all maps. How can I get to 99 and it count? Any ideas? anyone have same problem? Get it fixed? Any hope? Should I just quit playing this game? I will be streaming my games in a week and wanted it fixed so I can get to the top of the leaderboards. Last match was Dead ops Arcade round 96. Did not count. POS. FIX this crap.........

Xbox GT. the stereo shop