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Gamebattles and MLG ladders(MW3)

this is a thread for anyone who wants to try and start up a good team on xbox for mw3 i have lots of gb experience and i am a great player.  i want to run games with various people to see who has the best chemistry with me and then i will pick my select players for my team.  i am looking for about 4-7 other players besides myself.  if you know you are bad please dont even bother responding, im looking for guys who can run with the best and be a top page team and even make it in mlg tournys and gb ladders. reply below with what kind of player you are and what teams you have been on in the past for black ops mw2 and cod4 if you were on any. i myself am a rusher and team leader.  whatever game mode we are playing i get to my spots first call enemies out and kill whoever i see.  i am great at holding spots down and my shot is top of the line.  if you dont like this post dont even hate and flame this post, only post if you are good and interested cuz if your hating i guarantee im better than you.


fill out the following in your reply: below are my stats you fill it out according to you thanks!


XBL Gamertag: LiTeZ OuTT

What type of Player: Rusher, Team Leader

Do you have a headset: turtle beach x41


what guns/perks have you used in the past games: mp5, Famas, ak74u, mainly rushing classes lightweight marathon sleight of hand


what teams have you been on: multiple first page teams on various games


What times can you be on to play matches: any time


Anything i should know about you before we try to team: chill, laid back, doesnt like to lose, looking for the best players i can get and i promise you if you deticate your time to this we will go places in mw3