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Over 30 Clan


Saw the over 40 clan.But Im 31 so I dont qualify. Are there any for over 31?

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    From what I understand and have read on these forums you do not have to be 40 years old, you just have to be mature and obide by their rules.

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    May I suggest the following:

    Old Guyz is an organization of COD players that have now expanded to the PS3.


    Unlike other mature clans we are not a group of thousands where you will just be another member in a crowd.  We are less of a clan and more of a social organization.  By keeping our membership limited we learn each other's playstyle, preferences, likes and dislikes.  You will never get that in larger clans.  Our members are over 30, relaxed and easy going with players in North & South America plus Europe.


    Tryouts, what tryouts? We don't need no stinking tryouts!  We play the game fairly, as a unit to the best of our ability; always cordial to opponents & help each other improve.  We never leave a fellow OG behind. As a member you are guaranteed to have participation in any one of our creative goofball private matches. 

    If all this sounds like your kind of ammo just register below to burn off the daily stresses & prepare to have fun.