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Prestige Shop Question


I was wondering if the prestige shop option will show right when you get to the main menu or when you go into the Multipalyer menu because I wouldn't want to select "Double XP" then go into Campaign I find I wasted a Token for nothing. Just Curious. & also, ppl are saying you can :unlock" a weapon right from the get-go. I don't believe a single word of that. That would be stupid -- ppl running around with ACRs & AK 47's & such. Also,what are you gonna spend your first token on? I'm gonna do double XP then my first Prestige -- Unlock Gear. But I'll have to make a hard choice! I'll need to pick between: G36C,ACR,SCAR-L (despite unlocking it at lvl 10),MP5/K,UMP45,MK14 & CM901.