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  • 45. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    well then you need to learn to read..no body else said they were 18, hey tell your mom to get in line fast! i doubt your old enough to get the game on your own

  • 46. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    Funny guy i LIKE YOU that's why im going to KILL YOU LAST.. And please stop preaching about spelling you want perfect spelling BECOME ENGLISH teacher.. And yes i know my spelling is not perfect, but at least i speak other 4 languages do you? no didn't think so. Im not American and English was not my first language, So if i misspell something or do what ever wrong im sorry, but like i said some times its hard to spell all perfect. Plus i said what i said just as a joke it was not pointed ant any one here on this forum but only at xjawz dude because he is a kid. So yea. 

  • 47. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    im just coming back with comebacks! No hard feelings here haha im just on here reading about MW3 like everyone else that is excited for the game

  • 48. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    Same here lol. So no hard feelings lol..

  • 49. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    I can't believe you would even think of cancelling a pre-order because of what someone from the internet says.... quite frankly it's pathetic.


    Oh one of my mates says it's going to suck, do i cancel my pre-order? NO way in hell as i would rather play it myself and form my own opinion.

  • 50. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    I did watch the commentary & here's what I got from it.


    - xJawz complaint with the support package - He plays Domination like TDM. He rarely caps flags and shows off his 50 kill domination games with 1 capture.


    Support Package are for objective players. These support pointstreak won't help individual score but it will benefit their team.


    With xJawz's mentatility, he plays to get a high K/D ratio (even when he plays Objective game modes). He hates the fact that objective players are finally being rewarded for playing the objective. If they die attempting a flag, their point streaks don't reset as they are one's actually playing the game mode.


    Assault Package players are getting the same reward as well. Capture points, take down air support leads to your next point streak so there is balance for both the Assault & Support players.


    His second complaint was that MW3 looks like MW2.


    Here's the thing. Did MW2 have terrible graphics?

    Black Ops looked pretty dull with their use of color and I didn't feel as smooth & responsive as MW2.


    MW3 looks great in my opinion. It will never compete with the likes of BF3, Crysis 2 etc but with the limited tech in their engine, it looks fine for now.


    Also, developers would require a couple of years just to completely revamp their engine.

    Do you see Activision allowing that especially with the money they roll in every November???

  • 51. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    I should have thought of this sooner....


    Look for the 20 minute video of a guy who has the legit game. its on a japan website.


    Post on youtube that you got the game and post a small portion of that video as "proof".


    Then tell people that XJaws played you in a private match and you kicked his butt badly. Tell them he got so mad that he threw two of his copies across the room . Then say his mom saw it and grounded him from Xbox Live for a month. And THAT is why he says the game sucks


    BTW I saw both campaign and Survival mode of the game. campaign looks better in gameplay than BF3. But Survival Mode looks too easy, unless he was already ON Easy Mode.


    No offense to BF3 multiplayer on that game is very cool.

  • 52. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    he's saying that cause he sucks now. This game is FAR superior to anyone I've played so far. He's mad cause the maps are pretty small and the action is high. Same with Wings of Redemption. He's mad he can't camp.

  • 53. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    It's quite pathetic how gamers let people on the Internet judge a game for them.


    My suggestion: Get the game, play the campaign, play Spec Ops, and play multiplayer. Then assess if you enjoy it, and if it was worth your $60. If not, return it.


    People enjoy different things, so don't like a few opinions from YouTubers put you off.


    Follow me on twitter.


  • 54. Re: Im worried about what Xjawz has been saying.

    Dude screw what XJAWZ thinks, its your decision to get Mw3 not his. He might be an awesome COD player, though he probably dosent know everything about it. To me Mw3 seems like its going to be sick!!!!

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