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    The L86LSW in MW2 was given to you immediately...


    literally NOBODY used that gun.


    The Enfield is unlocked extremely low in Black Ops...


    it's rarely used.


    There goes that.


    People need to stop being coy about the power of the FAMAS.


    The gun is ridiculously easy to use. It's extremely versatile. I wouldn't say overpowered because it's not as if it's the BFG9000 from DOOM, whiping out everyone on screen. Still, it's just as good as any SMG at close range, easy to burst fire for long range kills, and destroys at mid.

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    we dont need the Famas cause we have the M4a1 AND the Scar-l

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    People that didn't play the game tend to just go off what others say on these forums.


    Putting a LMG out there and saying it wasn't used much doesn't mke sense. Compared to SMG and ARs, LMGs aren't used much. In BO The FAMAS is the first decent AR unlocked. Same with the SCAR in MW2. The first good gun unlocked always gets used more. Doesn't mean its the best. If you didn't branch out and try other stuff bc you thought you had the best weapon that is your own fault.

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    We're not going to turn this into another "thiz iz OP" thread. Please.



    On to bigger and better things, I think haing to get 2500 kills with EVERY weapon is too much. I was able to complete every single challenge in MW1 and felt like that was too easy. However, I did not ever prestige in MW1 and never will. There's no incentive to prestige.


    In WaW, MW2, and BO there has been an incentive to prestige: more custom load out slots.


    Even if it takes less than 24 hours to complete a prestige, by the time all is said and done, there's not enough time to get 500 wins in TDM alone plus 500 wins in 10 different game styles. What's worse, the amount of wins is easy to achieve ... coming in as MVP 500 times takes a heck of a lot of playing time. And that's fine ... if we would not be getting a new game every year.


    I was glad when MW2 increased the sizes of these challenges ... but was disappointed because MW2 gave an incentive to Prestige. It should be one or the other, not both.


    I say lower the challenges to 1000 kills, 250 headshots ... 500 wins, 100 MVP finishes ... things like that. I know that's super easy for some people, but even then not many people are going to bother completing all the challenges.

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    My favorite class in MW2 is MA41 scillenced, Its my second favorite gun next to the M16, and its a default gun. Its all about how you use it

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    @ Airbornel ...


    Dead on bro. What's amazing to me is that shotguns have the highest KDRs and SRs have the highest accuracy in the game.


    Yet ARs and SMGs are claimed to be OP.


    That defies common sense. If Black Ops demonstrates anything (and in a way most players will never be able to grasp) it is the psychological impact high stress situations can have on people.


    Because a lot of players use the Famas (because it unlocks early) it is easy to feel like it is a single player or two players that keep  killing a person over and over again. This causes the player's emotions to rise and feel like, "Damn, no matter what I do when I go up against this guy, he wins every time. It must be his gun giving him an unfair advantage." Thus, instead of recognizing something is Over Used, the brain's initial impression is that the gun is Over Powered.


    The same argument is true of weapons being UP. I learned a trick here in the MW3 forums the other day, tried it the next night and ... presto - I discovered that there is an argument that could be made that SRs ARE actually OP. But that's never been the argument. Everyone argues that QS is not "realistic" or the way SRs are meant to be used or they argue that it takes skill to be able to QS. Both arguments have elements of the truth, but neither argument actually discusses what the real issue with SRs is ... all because of the psychological aspect of the game.


    Since man became self-aware there have been tales of how the underdog won out against a force that was overwhelmingly superior. The entire story-line of COD is about a group of guys that have to go up against an overwhelmingly superior force.


    How do they succeed?


    They waste no energy in going to the UN and complaining that the bad guys got a hold of a nuke or zombie gas. Instead, they do what the heroes of stories have always done:


    they evaluate the fine details of the situation, find the weakest link, and exploit that weakest link in order to achieve victory.


    Black Ops revolutionized the FPS shooter in this respect making it now easier than ever to find weak spots. That aspect of the game is carrying over to MW3.

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    By far cod4 was the most balanced game, but coming in at second I think is black ops I agree. They really toned down the explosive damage from the grenade launchers, but the claymores seemed to be overpowered. I think what mw3 should take from cod4 is the knifing. In cod4 you had to be up close and personal to get that kill. Knifing wasn't as common as you see in later cods. I liked the emblems from black ops, but I can live without them. What I like that they included in the callsign is that now it shows your past cod prestige emblems, which I think is pretty cool. Overall I think mw3 will be the most balanced game.

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    First off I agree with every single thing you have said OP and that doesn't happen often but one thing I definitely think should have been carried over is HL-Pro to change care-packages, in black-ops if you wanted good care packages on a consistent basis you had to run that perk, now everyone with ghost or the equivalent is going to be getting good care packages and quite frankly they don't deserve them so now I reckon HL will be pointless especially with the Support streaks meaning deaths don't stop the streak.         


    Secondly regarding the cod4 debate, I would say black-ops is more balanced simply because the sniping is harder, not much I know but getting sniped constantly by the green sniper with an ACOG (what does that stand for?) drove me nuts.


    p.s The thing that me and my friends will miss the most is the SR-71, all of us use it and one of them usually leads to having them up for near enough the full game.

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    I agree with your Tier 1 perk changes character model


    Reticles I can really care less


    MW3 has WAY more aerial killstreaks AC-130, Osprey Gunner, if thats not enough they have the Assult Drone, AGM reaper, UAV Drone.


    The SR-71 was WAY overpowered because it had no sweep and what not and it couldn't be tooken down, so whenever someone called that in the oppnents knew they were ******, with the advanced UAV it's more balanced cause they sweep the radar and you can shoot it down


    The reason they don't add the Combat Record is because you can access Call of Duty ELITE in-game which is basically your own Combat record


    Lastly Black Ops was not the most balanced game, Ghost was WAY to overpowered and the SR-71 was too that is if you got it, the most balanced Call of Duty so far was CoD 4

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    So in pregame lobby you can't check other players combat record?