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    Elite is pretty much what the playercard was in blackops. With a few more things added to it of course. But it really opens the door for perfectionists.


    @Nuttin2say. The whole IW vs 3arc is stupid. They both help each other out. But i would love to see a call of duty to come out designed by both IW and 3arc. They both have different approaches to the game and i think the best call of duty will bring the best of both worlds.

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    Emblem customization was GREAT, but the thing is, the only ones you earned were the prestige emblems. There were no emblems or titles that you had to earn like in MW2 and MW3. Now if they incorporated both, then that'd be amazing. Pre-set emblems, and ones you could make yourself by combining, resizing and recoloring different emblems you had already earned. Of course innappropriate images would be made, just like people do innappropriate clan tags, but things like that are unavoidable w/o getting rid of the feature in a whole.  Why sweat the small stuff? Don't let emblem customization or the lack of ruin the game for you, its not a big deal at all. Just have fun playing the game and address issues, report bugs and hope they will be fixed. Lif'e is too short to be pissed at a game constatnly. (not saying i'm perfect cause i rage quite a bit)

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    The Equipment slot promoted both camping (Claymore AND Semtex? Bejeebus) and explosive spam. You could throw all your grenades at a group along with your C4 and that alone would guarantee you 3-4 kills. I'm glad they removed it because it made some kids rely more on their explosives than their gun, which isn't the direction SH was aiming for.

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    wgb2nd wrote:


    By far cod4 was the most balanced game, but coming in at second I think is black ops I agree. They really toned down the explosive damage from the grenade launchers, but the claymores seemed to be overpowered. I think what mw3 should take from cod4 is the knifing. In cod4 you had to be up close and personal to get that kill. Knifing wasn't as common as you see in later cods. I liked the emblems from black ops, but I can live without them. What I like that they included in the callsign is that now it shows your past cod prestige emblems, which I think is pretty cool. Overall I think mw3 will be the most balanced game.


    I thoroughly enjoyed MW1 & still play it from time to time. However, if it could be considered more "balanced" that was only because there were fewer options for players - which is why I wish people would learn what "balance" really means.


    Supposedly all explosives have less damage in MW3. I'm not sure I like that aspect. But whatever. There have been fewer claymores in BO than in any other COD so I don't see how those could be OP.


    And I'm pretty sure the knife is the "equipment" that causes the most kills. It is for me. I've been killed by knife attacks more than any other equipment in the game ... by a large margin.

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    Seriously, the customisation in Blk Op's was a bit soft, they ditched the blowing bodies apart for that and that was a real shame.


    But, whatever anyone says, they tried to bring the gun on gun gameplay back and now that's straight out the window.

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    It was a great first try. I wish IW had improved upon their system. I would rather see somebodies arms fly off and other limbs than have a custom emblem anyday, I just totally forgot about that in W@W. That was one of my favorite features hah. I'm not going to judge the gun on gun-ness of the game until it comes out.

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    Ghost had a pretty easy counter. The rc-xd. Also blackbird had another easy counter. Counter spy-plane and jammers or just dont let them get 8 kills on you

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    double post

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    The only thing wrong with Black Ops was people trying to play it like MW2 if you play black ops. Also a little lag.

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    aerodynamite wrote:


    I agree with your Tier 1 perk changes character model


    Reticles I can really care less


    MW3 has WAY more aerial killstreaks AC-130, Osprey Gunner, if thats not enough they have the Assult Drone, AGM reaper, UAV Drone.


    The SR-71 was WAY overpowered because it had no sweep and what not and it couldn't be tooken down, so whenever someone called that in the oppnents knew they were ******, with the advanced UAV it's more balanced cause they sweep the radar and you can shoot it down


    The reason they don't add the Combat Record is because you can access Call of Duty ELITE in-game which is basically your own Combat record


    Lastly Black Ops was not the most balanced game, Ghost was WAY to overpowered and the SR-71 was too that is if you got it, the most balanced Call of Duty so far was CoD 4


    If only you could see the contradictions in this claim.


    You know what the problem is? The problem is that players like you want to use kill streak rewards that will directly give you lots of kills.


    So do I. So does everyone. But as an adult, I know that not every match is going to my way so nicely. So I have a bad match and I realize the other team is throwing up BBs like crazy. Between matches, either back out to another lobby or do what it takes to become someone that is confident enough to say, "I don't care what in-game you throw at me, I'll be able to counter it." Stay in the same lobby and change your kill streak rewards. Make sure you have CUAV and SAM turret. Use the Napalm or Attack Helo.


    You know, half the time I remember to call in a kill streak, the purpose is nothing more than to distract the other team. It never fails that two of them are trying to shoot down the AH and the supply Chinooks if I call them all in at once. That's 1/6 to 2/3 of the enemy team I don't have to worry about.


    But too many of you guys are so caught up in try-harding to get that 30 - 5 final KDR for the match that you miss the entire goal of the game: to get a 30 - 5 final KDR.


    Smart players don't care how they get there, they get there.


    And, BTW, I'm telling you - you guys that rely on kill streaks are in for big headache with MW3.


    MW3 brings a new dawn to the COD series. The Specialist Package is going to wreak havoc on people that rely on kill streaks. I'll take all 15 perks over the baddest of kill streaks any day of the week.